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ACTION 610: Draft Meta Formats section for W3C site

ACTION-560: Polyglot documents

ACTION-647 Product page for Client-side Storage

ACTION-678: Fwd: Dom visiting the TAG

Agenda for TAG call on 22 April 2011

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 8 March - F2F planning

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 15 March 2012

Brass Tacks

Call for proposals to amend the "httpRange-14 resolution"

Call for Two Year Feature Freeze -- to httpRange-14 resolution

Change Proposal 25 for HttpRange-14

Change Proposal for HttpRange-14

Classification of ISSUE-57 change proposals

Comments on "Providing and Discovering Definitions of URIs"

Draft F2F agenda entry on copyright and linking

Draft minutes of TAG telcon 2012-03-01

Draft on Web App storage for TAG F2F

either strengthen or retract httpRange-14(a)

Fragment identifiers, RFC3023bis: Preparing for the F2F (ACTION-675)

Fwd: http+aes URI scheme

Fwd: Problem beyond the design decision of HttpRange-14

Happy 10th birthday ISSUE-14

How to move ISSUE-57 off the TAG's plate

HTTP Range 14

http+aes URI scheme

httpRange-14 Change Proposal

httpRange-14 Change Proposal [editorial tweaks]

httpRange-14 Conformance

Invitation to meet with the TAG

ISSUE-57 F2F reading

Meeting with the TAG to discuss RFC 3023bis and fragment identifier semantics

Microsoft HTTP S&M

Middle ground change proposal for httpRange-14 -- submission

Minutes from March 08 TAG Telcon

Minutes from March 15 TAG Telcon

Minutes of TAG teleconference of 22 March 2012

Minutes of the W3C/IETF Coordination Call, 2012-02-28

Need link to Copyright & Linking draft for F2F required reading

Preliminary TAG F2F Agenda ready for review

Privacy by Design in APIs

Proposal to amend the "httpRange-14 resolution"

Proposal to amend the httpRange-14 resolution

Proposal to amend the httpRange-14 resolution [revision]

Requesting update on HTML/XML unification work

TAG liaison at IETF Paris

TAG prep for ISSUE-57 (httpRange-14, etc.) session

The TAG Member's Guide to ISSUE-57 Discussion - F2F reading

There will be no TAG teleconference tomorrow, 29 March 2012

tracking change proposals and issues

Two httpRange-14 change proposals

Understanding URI Hosting Practice as Support for Documentation Discovery: 'meaning of meaning'

URIs, used in RDF, that do not have associated documentation

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