Re: Middle ground change proposal for httpRange-14 -- submission

Hi David,

Although we differ on the point of Information Resources (surprise,
surprise), I think your proposal is quite similar to mine. I'd like you
to clarify one difference though. In section 3.23 you require

@prefix rdfs: <> .
<http://example/toucan> rdfs:isDefinedBy <http://example/toucan> .

Why can't the representation be a URI definition even without this
statement? It seems to me that it being served as a 200 should be enough
to be sure of its validity.

Tore Eriksson

(Sorry, resending since I forgot to cc the list)
_:this dc:creator [
       foaf:name "Tore Eriksson",
                 "トーレ エリクソン"@jp;
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       foaf:workplaceHomepage <> ].

Received on Monday, 26 March 2012 07:48:37 UTC