Re: TAG liaison at IETF Paris

On 7 Mar 2012, at 10:13, Robin Berjon wrote:
> On Mar 7, 2012, at 03:20 , Noah Mendelsohn wrote:
>> Keeping in mind that I will not be at the IETF meeting myself, I'm curious whether anyone has suggestions for any specific planning that the TAG should do in anticipation of the Paris meeting? Thank you.
> I don't currently have specific plans to attend the IETF meeting, but I'm on site and relatively flexible as to how I organise my days so if it's helpful I can pop my head into meetings here or there.

I'm happy to Eurostar across to Paris for the day, although it gets more and more expensive a day trip the later I leave it. It would be very useful indeed to know which day is going to be the most valuable for me to do that (if at all).

Jeni Tennison

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