Requesting update on HTML/XML unification work


The TAG is meeting in Sophia-Antipolis April 2-4, and I've been asked to 
check with you whether we have enough feedback from the publication of the 
report to merit further discussion now? My impression is the TAG would like 
to move this work forward quickly, insofar as there is additional work to 
do. That said, if the timing isn't right now, I'll point out that we are 
planning a meeting 12-14 June in Cambridge, and that might be a time you 
could meet with us again in person.

Anyway, if you'd give some thought to what, if anything, might be worth 
doing in Sophia, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Tracker: this relates to TAG ACTION-676

Received on Monday, 12 March 2012 02:31:44 UTC