Re: ACTION 610: Draft Meta Formats section for W3C site

On Thu, 08 Mar 2012 18:47:13 +0100, Henry S. Thompson <>  
> Here's a go at some text for the XML paragraph
>   XML provides a simple standardised way to serialize information
>   representable as labelled trees with annotations and
>   cross-references, allowing a free choice of markup vocabulary. This
>   not only makes it well-suited for human-authored documents,
>   particularly given its facility for mixed content (plain and
>   marked-up text) and built-in support for Unicode, but also means it
>   is a useful syntax for all kinds of machine-to-machine data
>   transfer.  XHTML, Docbook and DITA are examples of XML-based
>   languages primarily intended for documents; machine-to-machine uses
>   include UPnP (for networked device discovery) and AEMP (for
>   construction equipment).

Hasn't there been ample evidence that XML is pretty bad for human  
authoring? There's at least plenty of anecdotal evidence from a couple of  
years ago where people have time and again demonstrated how hard it is to  
author and make basic blog software work with it (Mark Pilgrim, Sam Ruby,  
Jacques Distler, ...).

Anne van Kesteren

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