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Fine (though it seems odd to me to exclude Atom from the list of popular XML vocabularies). Do you have particular references for Docbook, DITA, UPnP and AEMP or shall I just search and use whatever seems to be the appropriate reference?


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> Here's a go at some text for the XML paragraph
>  XML provides a simple standardised way to serialize information
>  representable as labelled trees with annotations and
>  cross-references, allowing a free choice of markup vocabulary. This
>  not only makes it well-suited for human-authored documents,
>  particularly given its facility for mixed content (plain and
>  marked-up text) and built-in support for Unicode, but also means it
>  is a useful syntax for all kinds of machine-to-machine data
>  transfer.  XHTML, Docbook and DITA are examples of XML-based
>  languages primarily intended for documents; machine-to-machine uses
>  include UPnP (for networked device discovery) and AEMP (for
>  construction equipment).
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