TAG prep for ISSUE-57 (httpRange-14, etc.) session

I have a huge amount of work to do digesting the ISSUE-57 activity
that has occurred in the last month. I will almost certainly fail to
do an adequate job.

As a start I have created a wiki page:


collecting links to the proposals that have been submitted, with some
personal comments on them. I welcome judicious, neutral edits of this
page for the purpose of helping TAG members prepare for the F2F
discussion of ISSUE-57. I think the thing to do is to set some cutoff
date - maybe Tuesday or Wednesday - then make a frozen copy of the
page for the purpose of setting a limit on expected TAG F2F
preparatory reading; but continue to allow edits to the page, in case
anyone wants to continue to track (or participate in) the action.

Remember we requested change proposals through March 29. It may be
impractical to do justice to late-arriving proposals at the meeting,
but at least they will be on hand for some kind of review.

My main aim now is to make F2F discussion productive. This will be
very hard, I predict. I plan to spend time today and tomorrow working
out a strategy for this.


Received on Sunday, 25 March 2012 16:46:30 UTC