Re: Draft F2F agenda entry on copyright and linking

On 21/03/2012 02:07, "Noah Mendelsohn" <> wrote:

> > It turns out I will only be able to attend the meeting in the
>afternoon of
> > Monday the 2nd of April due to travel and scheduling issues on my side.
>That's a shame, we'll miss seeing more of you, especially at dinner. :-)
>do appreciate your taking the trouble to come.

Sorry, I wasn't clear - I WILL be there for dinner on the 2nd -
definitely. :) 

> > O would therefore like to make the selfish request that you schedule
> > "deep inking" and "minimization" topics during that slot (after lunch
> > the 2nd) if possible.
>Turns out that's likely to be no trouble at all. I did want to get a
>significant session on Monday, in case we wanted more later, but putting
>the afternoon should be no problem. Yves tells me lunch as at 13:00, so
>may be 14:00 or later before we get done. I'll schedule it after that.
>one drawback to all this is that I'd hoped you might be there for the API
>session as well, and I don't want to cut the copyright session short if
>needs time. I've also had a request to invite Dom to the API session as
>well as several others. So, for all those reasons, you might miss the API
>session if you can't stay until Tues. Otherwise, should be fine I think.
>Thank you.

Understood -- I had hoped to be there for longer as well.


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