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On 3/4/12 3:36 PM, Christopher Gutteridge wrote:
> I doubted I was the first to suggest something like it. A quick look 
> at tdb: and yes, it's pretty much exactly the same idea I was suggesting.
> Having tried to explain RDF to many programmers at hack days etc. 
> having URIs for real-world things start with http: is a hurdle to them 
> understanding what's going on.

But it isn't about URIs for real-world things. It's about URIs for 
description subjects. The issue of real-world things as focal point is 
part of the problem. This is all about describing anything, rather than 
a specific category (or kind) of thing. I can describe a Web Page if I 
choose, that doesn't alter the fundamental issue at hand.

A URI can identify a Document.
A URI can identify a Document Location. This is also a URL, a subclass 
or kind of URI.
A URI can identify a document Subject.
Anything can be a Document Subject.

RDF is just about how you represent the description of a subject via a 

Ironically, most developers actually understand all of this (and 
more..). What they don't actually understand is the language used in W3C 

> Thanks Graham.
> On 04/03/2012 18:58, Graham Klyne wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Your infra: looks a bit like tdb: [1].  I believe Larry's currently 
>> aiming for "experimental" publication so folks can reasonably try it 
>> out on the open web.
>> #g
>> -- 
>> [1]
>> On 04/03/2012 17:37, Christopher Gutteridge wrote:
>>> I've started sketching some ideas I've been thinking about for some 
>>> time into a
>>> blog post;
>>> I can turn it into something more formal if there's any positive 
>>> feedback.



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