Preliminary TAG F2F Agenda ready for review

I have posted at [1] a rough first cut at an agenda for the F2F. We will 
discuss the agenda on the teleconference tomorrow. Please check it with 
respect to the following:

* Are all the items we agreed there, and appropriately described?

* Do the time assignments look reasonable?

Regarding the latter, I had to make some difficult compromises. My 
intention going in was to take Jeni's advice, and to schedule relatively 
long, unbroken sessions for a couple of high priority items like Copyright 
and Linking. Given the travel schedules of our visitors, and the sessions 
we are hoping they will attend, that proved difficult. (This is not a 
veiled request for a change in travel schedules -- as best I can tell, 
there aren't changes that would help, and everyone agreed to my suggestions).

What I have done is to leave quite a few slots unscheduled. That should 
allow us some flexibility to devote more time to topics that need it and/or 
to honor Jeni's request for parallel sessions (noting, however, that Ashok 
expressed a preference not to have such sessions). It's a compromise with 
respect to swap-in/swap-out overhead.

Also, TAG members expressed an interest in having both Dan and Dom have the 
opportunity to participate in discussion of APIs, but for good reason their 
visits wind up on different days. I've compromised by having the main API 
session with Dan on Monday, and a shorter one for review with Dom on Tues., 
but otherwise I might have managed a longer unbroken slot.

Anyway, this is a first cut, and we can refine it over the next week and a 
half. Thank you.



=========TEXT-ONLY COPY FOLLOWS ===========

    [1]W3C | [2]TAG


          W3C TAG meeting 2-4 April 2012 in Sophia-Antipolis, FR


    Nearby: [3]work plan - [4]issues list - [5]findings -
    [6]www-tag archive - [7]tag archive - Actions: ([8]open,
    [9]pending review) [10]logistics


    Online table of: [11]scribing assignments


Agenda Summary

    Monday, 2 April 2012
                  * [12]Convene, review agenda
                  * [13]Review TAG Priorities for 2012

                  * [14]httpRange14 — URI Definition Discovery

    11:00-11:15 Break
                  * [15]Report on IETF Paris Meeting

    12:15-13:00 TBD
                  * Lunch (Dan Appelquist arrives)

                  * [16]Can publication of hyperlinks cause copyright

    15:45-16:00 Break
                  * [17]Privacy by Design in APIs for Web Applications

    Tuesday, 3 April 2012
    09:00-10:00 TBD - Maybe [18]XML-ER or [19]PhiloWeb?
                  * Dominique Hazael-Massieux arrives
                  * [20]Web Application Storage

    11:00-11:15 Break
                  * [21]Security and Web Applications Permissions

                  * Lunch

                  * Review of [22]Privacy by Design in APIs for Web
                    Applications progress for Dom

    14:45-17:00 TBD
    17:00       Leave for dinner in Nice
    Wednesday, 4 April 2012
                  * [23]Administration
                  * [24]Review TAG Priorities for 2012

                  * Chris Lilley arrives
                  * [25]Fragment ID Semantics and MIME Types

    11:00-11:30 Break
    11:30-13:00 TBD
    13:00-14:30 Lunch
    14:30-16:00 TBD
    16:00       ADJOURN


    The TAG Face to Face Meeting will be in the Kahn building,
    INRIA Sophia Antipolis Mediterrane, in Sophia Antipolis,

    [26]INRIA Sophia Antipolis Mediterrane
    2004 route des Lucioles - BP 93
    06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex


    The meeting room will be TBD

    NOTE that you must have a valid ID card with a picture to
    access the building.

    See [28]logistics for further details.


Required Reading

    See "(required reading)" annotations in agenda items below. For
    your convenience, I've listed some of the main required reading
    here as well:
      * [29]Publishing and Linking on the Web: W3C Editor's Draft
        04 January 2012
      * Design of APIS TO BE SUPPLIED
      * [30]How to Design Applications That Can Run Connected or
        Disconnected in a Seamless Manner
      * [31]Draft Product page for TAG work on Web Application
        Storage (02 March 2012 Version)


Agenda Details

     1. Convene, review agenda
           + Scribes: TAG members are encouraged to sign up for
             scribing by using CVS to edit [32]scribing assignments
             table, or by emailing the chair
           + Roll call
                o Regrets: Peter Linss
           + Approve minutes of teleconferences:
                o TO BE SUPPLIED
           + F2F Goals:
                o Main goals:
                    1. Make progress on our [33]top priority
                    2. Agree to publish working draft on Copyright
                       and Linking
                    3. Work with Chris Lilley on RFC 3023bis and
                       fragment identifier semantics
                    4. Prepare for publication of first working
                       draft of a TAG finding on APIs and Privacy
                    5. Rebalance TAG member assignments
                o Other goals:
                    1. ???ANY???
     2. Review TAG Priorities for 2012
           + Goals:
                o Remind ourselves of priorities and commitments
                  from [34]TAG product pages
                o This Monday session is primarily a quick
                  level-set at the start of the F2F — updates and
                  debates about the priorities will happen as we go
                  along and in a session on Wednesday.
     3. [35]ISSUE-25 (deepLinking-25): Can publication of
        hyperlinks cause copyright infringment?
           + This work is a top priority for this F2F, and we will
             schedule multiple sessions on it as appropriate.
             Please be sure to read the [36]draft prior to the
           + Goals:
                o Agree to publish a working draft on Copyright &
                o Update [37]product page
           + Background:
                o [38]Publishing and Linking on the Web: W3C
                  Editor's Draft 04 January 2012 (required reading)
                o [39]Product page calling for recommendation in
                  June 2012
                o [40]ACTION-541: on - Jeni Tennison - Helped by
                  DKA to produce draft on technical issues relating
                  to copyright/linking - Due: 2012-04-06 - OPEN
                o [41]ACTION-627: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Schedule
                  very detailed line-by-line review of Pub&Linking
                  draft at January F2F - Due: 2012-01-31 - PENDING
                o [42]ACTION-649: on - Jeni Tennison - Produce a
                  document with examples motivating the technical
                  points in the Copyright/Linking document - Due:
                  2012-03-20 - OPEN
                o [43]4 January F2F discussion
                o Earlier background:
                     # [44]ACTION-629: on - Dan Appelquist - With
                       help from Jeni to propose changes to goals,
                       success criteria etc. for publishing/linking
                       product page - Due: 2012-01-17 - CLOSED
                     # [45]Discussion on 17 March 2011, [46]31
                       March 2011, and [47]14 April 2011 of
                       "Copyright and Deep Linking"
                     # [48]E-mail from Jeni Tennison clarifying
                       goals for F2F work on Publishing and Linking
                     # [49]Update from Jeni Tennison on status of
                       Publishing and Linking work
                     # [50]Publishing on the Web (this version
                       still does not have an explicit date, but in
                       private email on 26 April 2011, Dan
                       Appelquist indicated that there have been
                       recent updates — [51]old version) by Jeni
                       Tennison and Dan Appelquist, produced in
                       partial fulfillment of: [52]ACTION-541
                     # Tim Berners-Lee [53]alerts the TAG to US
                       legal case in which a Mr. Brian McCarthy has
                       been accused of copyright infringement
                       resulting from his (alleged) publication of
                       links to copyrighted material. (See also
                       long ensuing email thread.) ([54]Criminal
                     # [55]Suggestion to write a technical document
                       on linking and copying (Jonathan)
                     # [56]Discussion with Thinh Nguyen at 3 Dec
                       2010 TAG telcon
                     # [57]ACTION-505: on - Daniel Appelquist -
                       Start a document wrt issue-25 - Due:
                       2011-03-01 - CLOSED
                     # [58]Comments from Larry Masinter (27
                       December 2011)
                     # [59]Discussion of publishing and linking at
                       TAG TPAC 2011 meeting
     4. [60]Web Applications: Privacy by Design in APIs for Web
           + Note: Dominique Hazael-Massieux will be joining us for
             this session
           + Goals:
                o Decide whether to re-start TAG work on API
                  Design. If so, decide whether scope of such work
                  should be limited to minimization as originally
                  planned, or expanded to include or focus
                  additionally on other areas relating to privacy,
                  such as fingerprinting
                o Update [61]Draft Product Page to reflect goals,
                  deliverables, and schedules
           + Background:
                o [62]Draft Product Page
                o Draft on Design of APIS (required reading) TO BE
                o [63]ACTION-514: on - Robin Berjon - Draft a
                  finding on API minimization - Due: 2012-05-01 -
                o [64]Discussion on 2 February 2012
                o [65]Proposal from Robin Berjon to expand the
                  scope of beyond minimization to include other API
                  issues relating to privacy, notably
                  fingerprinting. Robin offers a proposed
                  [66]revised product page
                o [67]Data Minimization in Web APIs: Draft TAG
                  Finding 05 June 2011
                o [68]ACTION-650: on - Jonathan Rees - Review what
                  provenance WG is doing with an eye to application
                  to privacy issues - Due: 2012-03-20 - OPEN
                o Earlier background:
                     # Brief [69]discussion on 12 May 2011
                     # [70]Discussion at Feb 2011 TAG F2F
                     # From previous F2F: [71]Dan Appelquist
                       writeup on API Design - ([72]announcement
                     # [73]ACTION-461: on - Daniel Appelquist -
                       Draft "finding" on Web Apps API design -
                       Due: 2010-12-31 - CLOSED
     5. Report on Paris IETF Meeting
           + Goals:
                o Get an informal report on [74]IETF 83 - Paris,
                o Identify any issues requiring followup from the
           + Background:
                o [75]ACTION-638: on - Yves Lafon - Help Noah
                  figure out best ways, if at all, for TAG to
                  participate in IETF paris - Due: 2012-03-26 -
                o [76]ACTION-659: on - Yves Lafon - Track IETF
                  efforts on HTTP 2.0 & SPDY Due: 2012-03-20 - Due:
                  2012-03-20 - OPEN
     6. [77]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57), [78]ISSUE-63
        (metadataArchitecture-63) and [79]ISSUE-14 (HttpRange-14):
        httpRange-14 — URI Definition Discovery
           + Goals:
                o Decide on a TAG direction for re-resolving
                o Per [80]product page: decide whether to publish
                  the TAG's work on the W3C Recommendation track.
           + Background:
                o [81]ACTION-673: on - Jonathan Rees - Prepare for
                  F2F discussion of httpRange-14 change proposals
                  Due 2012-03-13 - Due: 2012-03-20 - OPEN
                o Jonathan Rees [82]announces a [83]Call for
                  proposals to amend the "httpRange-14 resolution"
                o Jonathan Rees' earlier announcement of a [84]plan
                  for re-resolving httpRange-14
                o Product page: [85]URI Definition Discovery
                o [86]ACTION-624: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft for
                  TAG consideration a call for httpRange-14 change
                  proposals - Due: 2011-12-31 - CLOSED
                o [87]ACTION-625: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Schedule
                  followup discussion of
                  agreement in Santa Clara) - Due: 2011-12-21 -
                o [88]ACTION-589: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Work with
                  Jonathan to update URI definition discovery
                  product page Due: 2011-08-18 - Due: 2011-12-23 -
                o Earlier background:
                     # [89]Interoperability of referential uses of
                       hashless URIs by Jonathan Rees
                       ([90]announcement email)
                     # [91]Providing and discovering definitions of
                       URIs: Editor's Draft 25 June 2011 by
                       Jonathan Rees ([92]announcement email) —
                       required reading
                     # [93]Information Resources and Web Metadata:
                       Editor's Draft 25 June 2011 by Jonathan Rees
                       ([94]announcement email) — required reading
                     # [95]Wiki page on httpRange-14 history
                     # [96]A diagram explaining "metadata", from
                       Jonathan Rees
                     # [97]ACTION-201: on - Jonathan Rees - Report
                       on status of AWWSW discussions - Due:
                       2011-12-28 - OPEN
                     # [98]ACTION-282: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft a
                       finding on metadata architecture. - Due:
                       2011-11-08 - OPEN
                     # [99]ACTION-413: on - Dan Connolly - Suggest
                       a path thru some logic terminology that
                       might speed up httpSemantics discussions -
                       Due: 2010-05-07 - CLOSED
                     # [100]ACTION-587: on - Jonathan Rees -
                       Prepare issue-57 and issue-63 documents for
                       TAG members to discuss at Sept F2F - Due:
                       2011-10-11 - CLOSED
     7. Web Applications: Fragment ID Semantics and MIME Types
           + Chris Lilley will join us for this session
           + Goals:
                o Get update from Chris Lilley on [101]RFC 3023bis,
                  with emphasis on fragment id semantics
                o Establish TAG position on TAG fragid semantics
                  for application/xxxxx+xml media types
           + Background:
                o [102]ACTION-564: on - Henry Thompson - Track
                  fragid issues in 3023bis, report to TAG and/or
                  communicate with 3023bis editors as appropriate -
                  Due: 2012-04-02 - OPEN
                o [103]ACTION-441: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Draft
                  proposed TAG comment on 3023bis regarding
                  fragment ID handling - Due: 2010-06-16 - CLOSED,
                  resulting in e-mail [104]Generic processing of
                  Fragment IDs in RFC 3023bis. That e-mail
                  generated several negative responses, and the TAG
                  later decided (reference?) to grandfather
                  application/rdf+xml as an exception
                o TAG Product relating to Fragment Identifiers and
                  MIME types:
                     # Product page: [105]Fragment Identifiers and
                       Mime Types Commitments:
                          @ Draft Finding for review by relevant
                            editors by end of 31 July 2011
                          @ 31 December 2011: TAG Finding
                     # [106]Mime Types and Fragment IDs: Draft TAG
                       Finding 12 August 2011
                     # [107]7 & 8 June discussion of Fragment ID
                       semantics and XML Media types
                     # On [108]4 August 2011, Peter Linss agrees to
                       join Jeni Tennison and Henry Thompson
                       working on [109]ACTION-567 and
                     # [111]ACTION-543: on - Peter Linss - Propose
                       addition to MIME/Web draft to discuss
                       sem-web use of fragids not grounded in media
                       type - Due: 2012-03-27 - OPEN
                     # [112]ACTION-567: on - Jeni Tennison - Draft
                       a document describing problems around
                       fragids and ways things should be changed -
                       Due: 2011-06-28 - CLOSED
                     # See also: background material for [113]6-8
                       June 2011 F2F discussion of Fragment
                     # Note possible relationship to draft TAG
                       Finding on Client-Side State
                o [114]ACTION-508: on - Larry Masinter - Draft
                  proposed bug report against HTML5 media type
                  registration regarding interpretation of fragid
                  in HTML-based AJAX apps - Due: 2011-07-19 -
                o [115]ACTION-509: on - Jeni Tennison - Communicate
                  with RDFa WG regarding documenting the fragid /
                  media type issue - Due: 2011-12-13 - CLOSED
     8. Web Application Storage
           + Goals:
                o Commit to a plan for TAG work on Web Application
                  Storage including goals, deliverables as proposed
                  in [116]Draft Product page for TAG work on Web
                  Application Storage
                o Review [117]How to Design Applications That Can
                  Run Connected or Disconnected in a Seamless
                  Manner (required reading)
           + Background:
                o [118]Draft Product page for TAG work on Web
                  Application Storage (02 March 2012 Version) —
                  required reading
                o [119]How to Design Applications That Can Run
                  Connected or Disconnected in a Seamless Manner
                  (required reading)
                o [120]Discussion of Web Application Storage on 1
                  March 2012
                o [121]Discussion of Web Application Storage on 26
                  January 2012
                o [122]ACTION-647: on - Ashok Malhotra - Draft
                  product page on client-side storage focusing on
                  specific goals and success criteria - Due:
                  2012-03-06 - OPEN
                o [123]ACTION-572: on - Yves Lafon - Look at
                  appcache in HTML5 - Due: 2012-03-06 - CLOSED
                o Earlier background:
                     # [124]ACTION-632: on - Ashok Malhotra - Frame
                       issues around client-side storage work -
                       Due: 2012-02-14 - CLOSED
                     # [125]ACTION-475: on - Ashok Malhotra - Write
                       finding on client-side storage, DanA to
                       review - Due: 2011-08-24 - CLOSED
                     # [126]ACTION-523: on - Ashok Malhotra - (with
                       help from Noah) build good product page for
                       client storage finding, identifying top
                       questions to be answered on client side
                       storage - Due: 2012-01-17 - CLOSED
                     # [127]ACTION-354: on - Ashok Malhotra -
                       Review client side storage apis (web simple
                       storage etc.), looking for architectural
                       issues or other critical problems... or
                       interesting design features the TAG should
                       know about - Due: 2010-03-08 - CLOSED
                     # [128]ACTION-392: on - Dan Connolly - Look
                       into using new client side storage APIs as
                       an RDFa or tabulator data store - Due:
                       2010-03-17 - CLOSED
                     # [129]ACTION-435: on - Jonathan Rees -
                       Consult Tyler Close regarding UMP-informed
                       web storage vulnerability analysis - Due:
                       2010-06-22 - CLOSED
                     # [130]ACTION-438: on - Ashok Malhotra -
                       Comment to web storage guys: basically all
                       of this is origin-based, but section 6.1 has
                       a 'may' - - is this a door being held open
                       for CORS? - Due: 2010-06-15 - CLOSED
                     # [131]ACTION-586: on - Ashok Malhotra - Add
                       text covering advice equivalent to "Use of
                       AJAX implementation technology is not a
                       sufficient excuse for failing to provide
                       first class URI identification for documents
                       on the Web" - Due: 2011-08-11 - CLOSED
     9. Web Applications: Security and Web Applications Permissions
           + Note: Dominique Hazael-Massieux will be joining us for
             this session
           + Goals:
                o Dom suggested that he would like the opportunity
                  to discuss these topics with the TAG: we will
                  establish more detailed goals during the session.
           + Background on earlier TAG discussions of security:
                o On [132]15 September 2011 we decided to let
                  others in W3C and IETF take the lead in security
                  work, at least for now.
                o [133]ACTION-344: on - Jonathan Rees - Alert TAG
                  chair when CORS and/or UMP goes to LC to trigger
                  security review - Due: 2012-03-27 - OPEN
                o [134]ACTION-341: on - Yves Lafon - Follow up with
                  Thomas about security review activities for HTML5
                  - Due: 2011-05-10 - CLOSED
                o [135]ACTION-515: on - Larry Masinter - (as
                  trackbot proxy for John) who will publish
                  tml, slightly cleaned up, with help from Noah and
                  Larry - Due: 2011-07-30 - CLOSED
                o [136]ACTION-516: on - Yves Lafon - Talk with
                  Thomas Roessler about organizing W3C architecture
                  work on security - Due: 2011-07-19 - CLOSE
                o [137]ACTION-545: on - Ashok Malhotra - Report to
                  TAG, after privacy workshop, regarding
                  architecture issue on privacy and especially
                  degree to which use cases beyond those addressed
                  by "Do Not Track" need attention - Due:
                  2011-05-03 - CLOSED
                o See also:
                     # [138]ACTION-33: on - Henry Thompson - revise
                       naming challenges story in response to Dec
                       2008 F2F discussion - Due: 2012-06-01 - OPEN
                     # [139]ACTION-280: on - Dan Connolly - (with
                       John K) to enumerate some CSRF scenarios
                       discussed in Jun in Cambridge - Due:
                       2010-10-11 - CLOSED
                     # [140]ACTION-340: on - John Kemp - summarize
                       recent discussion around XHR and UMP - Due:
                       2010-06-04 - CLOSED
                     # [141]ACTION-412: on - Dan Connolly - Try the
                       clarification question, blog item, or wiki
                       approach to metadata-in-uris vs CSRF - Due:
                       2010-06-07 - CLOSED
                     # [142]ACTION-417: on - John Kemp - Frame
                       section 7, security - Due: 2011-01-25 -
                     # [143]ACTION-435: on - Jonathan Rees -
                       Consult Tyler Close regarding UMP-informed
                       web storage vulnerability analysis - Due:
                       2010-06-22 - CLOSED
                     # [144]CORS, UMP and XHR by John Kemp
                       (required reading for previous F2F)
                     # John Kemp's [145]note framing a security
                       section for the architecture of Web
    10. Possible additional topic: Philosophy of the Web:
           + [146]Web and Philosophy: why and what for? (PhiloWeb
             2012) Workshop at the 21st World Wide Web Conference
             (WWW 2012)
    11. Possible additional topic: XML-ER:
           + Goal:
                o Consider whether the [147]XML Error Recovery
                  Community Group effort is adopting the right
                  goals and use cases
                o On [148]15 March 2012 Henry Thompson requested
                  F2F discussion if there's time
    12. Administration:
           + Future TAG F2F meetings
                o 12-14 June 2012: Cambridge, MA USA
                o We should start planning for a fall meeting
           + Group photo?
    13. Action item review:
           + [149]Pending review actions in [150]Tracker
           + [151]Overdue actions in [152]Tracker
           + [153]Open actions in [154]Tracker
    14. Open issue review:
           + This is an optional agenda item: we'll do it if
             there's time
           + Goal: review our list of [155]open issues — look
             especially for issues that are open but dormant decide
             to assign resource/close/leave as background activity.


     Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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