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[css-2015] (was: [css3-values][css3-speech] dB & calc() )

[css-align] Clarification on the concept of 'parent' for Self Alignment 'auto' value resolution

[css-align][css-grid] which position to use for aligning a baseline-aligned subtree of grid items?

[css-animations] Keyframes appearing more than once in animation-name

[css-animations] Should really a reversed animation use the reversed timing function?

[css-backgrounds] Use hash mark in 'box-shadow' syntax definition

[css-cascade] Typo

[css-color] Color issues for F2F discussion

[css-content][css-pseudo] alt missing from generated content module? moved?

[css-device-adapt] Proposal for display size and density independent pixel.

[css-flexbox] editorial: fragmenter is undefined

[css-flexbox] inconsistent behavior when using flex-grow: 0.001

[css-flexbox] what overflow should be scrollable in flexbox?

[css-font-loading] WebIDL bugs

[css-fonts] font-language-override

[css-fonts] Specifying changes to parameters for fallback fonts

[css-grid] abs.pos. section still says 'order' applies

[css-grid] auto-repeat inside grid-template shorthand

[css-grid] Editorial: Example 21 Auto Tracks

[css-grid] Line names before auto-repeat

[css-grid] Need to document that "justify-self:auto" means "start" on absos children, just like "align-self:auto"

[css-grid] Reduced Subgrid Proposal

[css-grid] Update minmax() description now that fr is invalid as minimum

[css-inline] Computed value for initial-letter property

[css-inline] Controlling half-leading

[css-lists][css-counter-styles] Compute list-style-type to 'decimal' if the specified counter style does not exist

[css-lists][html] <summary> and ::marker

[css-logical-props][css-writing-modes] Margins and margin collapsing and writing modes

[css-overflow] A question about overflow-x and overflow-y

[css-scoping] Scoping of Resource Locators (url(#ID-references)) in property values

[css-scroll-snap] [css-overflow] [cssom-view] scroll offset vs scroll position

[css-scroll-snap] [css-snappoints] Renaming scroll-snap-area to scroll-snap-margin

[css-scroll-snap] Change Proposal Diffs

[css-scroll-snap] Rename keywords 'proximity' and 'mandatory'

[css-scroll-snap] snap alignment container (concept name)

[css-sizing] definite sizes and shrink-wrapping

[css-sizing] Percentage value against indefinite size for min-width

[css-sizing][css-grid] fit-content(<length>|<percentage>)

[css-sizing][css-grid][css-flex] Definite/indefinite size in positioned/floated grid containers

[css-step-sizing] Feedback on Proposal

[css-text] break-spaces, which level?

[css-transforms] Handling combined opacity and preserve-3d

[css-transitions][all-the-specs] Editing 'Animatable' to 'Animation type'

[css-ui] Some typos

[css-ui][selectors] Definition of :read-only

[css-values] url(#frag) handling when base url changes

[css-writing-modes-3] Error in Example 17 (<date>2010年2月23日</date>), § Full-width Characters

[css3-animations] dynamic changes to animation properties or keyframes

[css3-animations] Establishing stacking context at animation start

[css3-break] fragment selectors

[css3-values] percentage in calc() and attr()

[css3-values][css3-speech] dB & calc()

[cssom-view] getBoundingClientRect() when the first rectangle is empty

[csswg] Agenda conf call 04-May-2016

[csswg] Agenda conf call 25-May-2016

[CSSWG] Announcement: Spec issues are migrating to GitHub issues

[CSSWG] Insignificantly Updated WD/CR Publications

[CSSWG] Minutes San Francisco F2F 2016-05-09 Part I: Flexbox, Box Alignment, Grid [css-flexbox] [css-align] [css-grid]

[CSSWG] Minutes San Francisco F2F 2016-05-09 Part II: Counters, Values & Units [css-lists] [css-values]

[CSSWG] Minutes San Francisco F2F 2016-05-09 Part III: Media Queries, Sizing, Flexbox, CSS Containment [mediaqueries] [css-step-sizing] [css-flexbox] [css-containment]

[CSSWG] Minutes San Francisco F2F 2016-05-09 Part IV: CSS Content, Testing [css-content]

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-04-26 [cssom-view] [css-text] [css-round-display]

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-05-04 [mediaqueries] [css-page] [css-scroll-snap]

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-05-25 [css-grid] [css-text] [css-overflow-3]

[CSSWG] San Francisco F2F 2016-05-10 Part I: Scheduling, Round Display [css-round-display]

[CSSWG] San Francisco F2F 2016-05-10 Part II: CSS tables status update, CSS 4 UI, Page Media Query, Generated Content Spec [css-ui] [mediaqueries] [css-page] [css-content]

[CSSWG] San Francisco F2F 2016-05-10 Part III: Report on vertical writing award website, Testing, Sizing [css-sizing]

[CSSWG][css-align] Updated WD of CSS Box Alignment L3

[CSSWG][css-flexbox-1] Updated CR of CSS Flexbox L1

[CSSWG][css-grid] Updated WD of CSS Grid Layout L1

[CSSWG][css-inline] Updated WD of CSS Inline Layout

[CSSWG][css-overflow-3] Updated WD of CSS Overflow L3

[CSSWG][css-sizing] Updated WD of CSS Sizing Level 3

[dip] Proposal for display size and density independent pixel.

[mediaqueries] Add cross-reference to Units section?

[mediaqueries] overflow-block / overflow-inline shorthand

[mediaqueries][css-conditional] else

[mediaqueries][css-page] MQs should respond to page size

[round-display] [motion-path] Orientation of elements due to merging polar positioning and motion path

[selectors4] Absolutizing and nested pseudo-functions

[selectors] ISSUE 7

computedStyle of cloneNode

Dear W3C expert, excuse me.

Errors in W3C CSS file

Fwd: [predefined-counter-styles] Should we add more Latin counter styles?

How did upper-greek disappear from list-style-type

object-fit/view-box for element content

Progress on Constructable Stylesheet Objects Proposal

propdef tables for shorthands

Proposal for animation-pause property

rought minutes of css color breakout

Styling <img> elements in the broken state

Support viewBox in CSS

Var for scrollbar size

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