Re: [css-content][css-pseudo] alt missing from generated content module? moved?

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 9:39 AM, James Craig <> wrote:
> Example 21 and 22 in the "Automatic Counters and numbering section"
> ...reference the "alt" property that was previously defined in this spec.
> Will someone point me to the new location of that property definition?
> I could not find it in Pseudos either.

It's an editing error—I'll fix the examples. Fantasai pointed out that
having a separate alt property was a problem, as it would not cascade
with the content property itself. So we're proposing to have
alternative text as part of the syntax of the content property itself,
by allowing a slash at the end of the property followed by an alt text
string. Here's an example:

hr::before { content: "* * *" / "" }

In this case, using the empty alt string to indicate that the string
inserted via the content property is purely decorative. If an image is
inserted via content property, one could express proper alt text as

foo::before { content: url('bar.jpg') / "alt text for bar.jpg image" }



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