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Fwd: [predefined-counter-styles] Should we add more Latin counter styles?

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Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 17:54:38 +0100
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[forwarding the notification here, since there may be interested parties]

r12a has just created a new issue for 

== Should we add more Latin counter styles? ==
one of our WG members ran a tool against the CLDR database recently to
  convert alphabetic lists to the new CSS custom counter style rules. 
For example, the tool came up with the following for Swedish:

/* sv */
@counter-style swedish {
     system: alphabetic;
     symbols: '\61' '\62' '\63' '\64' '\65' '\66' '\67' '\68' '\69' 
'\6a' '\6b' '\6c' '\6d' '\6e' '\6f' '\70' '\71' '\72' '\73' '\74' '\75' 
'\76' '\77' '\78' '\79' '\7a' '\e5' '\e4' '\f6' ;
     /* symbols: ‭'a' ‭'b' ‭'c' ‭'d' ‭'e' ‭'f' ‭'g' ‭'h' ‭'i' ‭'j' ‭'k'
  ‭'l' ‭'m' ‭'n' ‭'o' ‭'p' ‭'q' ‭'r' ‭'s' ‭'t' ‭'u' ‭'v' ‭'w' ‭'x' ‭'y'
  ‭'z' ‭'å' ‭'ä' ‭'ö' */

If you use this for counters on a list, say, when you got to the 26th 
item in the list you'd see

z. blah blah blah
å. now a 27th item
ä. and one for the 38th
ö. and the last letter of the alphabet
aa. and so on
ab. and so on....

So i have a number of questions (using a hypothetical slovak list 
numbering style):

a. do people who write in Swedish or other languages number lists using 
the extra letters of the alphabet? ie. å, ä, ö

ä. are the alphabetic lists in CLDR a good source of information for 
compiling such lists (i'm expecting the answer to be 'it depends on the 

b. if the answer to (a) is yes, are there people receiving this message 
who can vouch for the sequences that would be needed?

c. should we add a whole bunch of Latin custom templates to the document 
[Custom Counter Styles](http://w3c.github.io/predefined-counter-styles/)?

č. there isn't really a (č), i just wanted to use the c hacek ;)

Please view or discuss this issue at 
https://github.com/w3c/predefined-counter-styles/issues/3 using your 
GitHub account
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