Re: [round-display] [motion-path] Orientation of elements due to merging polar positioning and motion path

> On May 18, 2016, at 2:49 AM, Jihye Hong <> wrote:
> We need 'motion-origin'(which will be changed to 'offset-anchor') separately from 'transform-origin'.
> 'motion-origin' is required not only for rotating the element. It's also for setting the origin point in the element's
> content area which is placed at different positions along the motion path.

I know we were conflating the two needs in the meeting, but I think setting the origin point of the rotation needs to be separate from setting the reference point (offset-origin) for aligning to the offset-position in the containing block. 'offset-origin:auto’ would mean that 'offset-position:100% 100%’ puts the reference point in the lower right corner (a la background-position), but this should not affect where the origin of the rotation should be, which might need to be somewhere else.

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