[css-text] break-spaces, which level?

In a pull request I made, Koji and I are discussing which level overflow-wrap: break-spaces is supposed to go into.


Relevant bits:

Koji wrote:
> I thought this was for L4, but I admit that I wasn't paying much attention to which level we resolved on. Have a link to the resolution?

Then Florian wrote:
> I don't think the resolution (SF or Syndey) specified if it was level 3 or 4. My main reason for preferring having it in L3 is:
>  • This value is new, but the behavior is already present in some browsers, triggered by a different property/value: Firefox and Safari wrap spaces like this when word-break is break-all (FF all preserved spaces, Safari only nbsp) (see http://output.jsbin.com/degaqe). Since we have clarified that the break-word property is not supposed to do that and that this is supposed to be triggered by overflow-wrap:break-spaces, rather than have them remove this behavior now and put it back later under a different name, I thought it made sense to add the switch in the current Level.
> Also from a spec editing point of view, L3 is easier (but I agree this is not an important reason):
>  • L4 does not yet have the equivalent of section 4 (#white-space-processing), and that this makes some modification to it (section 4.1.3 point 4).

Then Koji wrote:
> Totally understandable, and I don't have preference either way, but when I want to follow the resolution, you and I having different understanding looks like a sign that it's better to double-check with WG, no? In my understanding, fantasai said L4 at the beginning of the discussion and that was applied to all the discussion, but now it's unclear to me too.

What do y'all think?

 - Florian

Received on Tuesday, 17 May 2016 11:29:30 UTC