Re: [css-transitions][all-the-specs] Editing 'Animatable' to 'Animation type'

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 10:46 PM, Brian Birtles <> wrote:
> I would like to go ahead and update all the last ED of all the concerned CSS
> specs to change lines like:
>   Animatable: no
> to, one of the following
>   Animation type: discrete
>   Animation type: none
> Also, for consistency, I will change lines like "Animatable: yes, as length"
> to "Animation type: length".
> I expect I'll make 'length' here link to
> although long-term
> I should probably make rework the Web Animations animation types and point
> it there since that includes (or will include) additional definitions such
> as how addition works for each type. Obviously newer specs can define their
> own animation types inline without referring to Web Animations as indeed
> some have already started to do.
> I expect I'll set up the changes as a PR on each spec so that editors have a
> chance to give feedback.

Don't do this yet; your attempt on Flexbox shows that we have a
*severe* usability gap caused by (a) bad markup in Transitions (<b>
rather than <dfn>), and (b) no DWIM in Bikeshed.  I'll fix both of
those issues first, then fix Flexbox proper.  Then you can go ahead
and do the rest of the specs. ^_^


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