Re: Proposal for animation-pause property

On 2016/05/09 15:54, Michael Gro▀klaus wrote:
>> I believe that when we looked at adding iteration delay in Web
>> Animations the main challenge was fill modes--do you apply the
>> backwards fill or the forwards fill, i.e. do you hold the final value
>> of the previous iteration, or the first value of the next? I suspect
>> you want to be able to do either which then suggests you need more
>> fill mode values so it becomes more complex. (Sequence effects at
>> least let you reuse the existing fill modes to get different behaviors.)
> Maybe I'm missing something, but why not just use the existing
> animation-fill-mode? Of course, you could implement a new fill-mode
> property and there might be a use case for it (which I don't see at the
> moment)... but in my opinion it would not be mandatory because you could
> just use the current animation-fill-mode (which would be much more
> useful imho anyway).

What value do you use to fill to use between iterations?

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