[CSSWG][css-sizing] Updated WD of CSS Sizing Level 3

The CSS WG has published two updated Working Drafts of the
CSS Intrinsic and Extrinsic Sizing Module Level 3:


This module extends the CSS sizing properties with keywords that
represent content-based "intrinsic" sizes and context-based
"extrinsic" sizes, allowing CSS to more easily describe boxes
that fit their content or fit into a particular layout context.

These back-to-back publications
   a) Post an update to the somewhat outdated previous draft
   b) Remove the definitions of what the intrinsic sizes are,
      in deference to CSS2.1 (which leaves it mostly undefined).

Our goal is to wrap up the draft as a whole so that
   a) we have stable terminology that we can refer to for other
      layout modules for these concepts
   b) we can put into CR the formal definition of the keywords
      which the WG has already agreed to let ship unprefixed

(Wrt testing concerns: the new keywords can be tested by comparing
their results to shrink-to-fit output under the appropriate
constraints. So while we might not define what a min-content size
*is*, we do e.g. require it to behave the same as a CSS2.1 float
in a zero-size container.)

Further work on defining the exact intrinsic sizing algorithms
is deferred to Level 4 and/or the relevant layout module for
that layout model.

Significant changes since the previous draft are listed at:


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