Re: [css-grid] Reduced Subgrid Proposal

On 04/14/2016 03:35 PM, fantasai wrote:
> This is in reference to the following issues:
>    Subgrids considered essential
>    Eric Meyer, Rachel Andrews, Jen Simmons, et al.
>    Concerns with subgrid
>    Igalia
>    Simplifying subgrids
>    Fran├žois Remy
> [... proposal ...]

To close on this, the CSSWG resolved to accept the reduced subgrid
proposal outlined here. Related notes are

   * We dropped named lines for subgrids entirely; this may be added
     in a future level.

   * We expanded grid-auto-rows/columns and the repeat() syntax to
     accept multiple track listings in order to accommodate subgrids
     that have been auto-placed (as in fremy's example).

   * We are making subgrid behavior contingent on there not being
     any grid-template-* declarations, rather than merely ignoring
     them, with the hope that authors will not leave any such
     declarations lying around. Our goal is to allow for more
     sophisticated interleaving of subgrid and parent grid lines
     (e.g. 1-axis subgrids) using these properties. This may or may
     not work out as planned. :)

The spec will be fully updated shortly.


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