[css-fonts] font-language-override

Hi all,

The current editors draft indicates that font-language-override feature is
at risk.

This feature can be used with firefox, but not with other browsers.

Current support means we can use the Padauk or Noto Sans Myanmar for a
range of languages in Firefox that can not be supported by the same font in
other browsers. For instance if I need to support some of the other Karen
languages using Sgaw Karen preferences, i can not currently rely on
font-language-override suppot to handle this.

This forces us to hack the fonts in question making alternative language
versions of the fonts where the default rendering is changed.

Reengineering fonts in this way is beyond the ability of the average web
developer and browser developers should not be placing this burden on web

If font-language-override is dropped from the spec, an alternative method
exposing browsers default locl processing needs to be exposed to web
developers, allowing web developers to override locl processing in some


Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 05:22:57 UTC