Progress on Constructable Stylesheet Objects Proposal

I was directed here by the web components
<> group.

I'm trying to implement a solution for shared styles inside web components
that tries to predict the future and hopefully doesn't have to change too
much when this problem is solved. At the moment, trying to add global
styles across multiple web components is non-performant.

I discovered the proposal for Constructable Stylesheets
<> that the web
component group seems to think will solve this issue. I've dug around the
mailing list for www-styles and bugzilla, but it doesn't seem that the
proposal has been talked about since 2015.

I was hoping to find out how the proposal was going and if it was gaining
traction. Are constructable stylesheets the current way of the future or is
there something else?


Steven Lambert

Received on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 12:17:35 UTC