Re: [css-grid] Update minmax() description now that fr is invalid as minimum

On 2016-05-16 16:52, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> And another issue when the algorithm terms are defined [4]:
> "min track sizing function
>    If the track was sized with a minmax() function,
>    this is the first argument to that function.
>    Otherwise, it’s the track’s sizing function."
> Now that "fr" is invalid as minimum,
> I guess we need an exception in this rule too.
> [4]

As I read it, "sized by a minmax() function" doesn't apply for
minmax(1fr,...) because the value is simply invalid.  The track
is sized by the (computed) value 'auto' in this case.

I agree that the text could be clearer though.  Perhaps replace
"If the track was sized with a minmax() function" with
"If the computed value of the track sizing function is a minmax()
function" ?

"track sizing function" is a defined term in [1] and it excludes
'fr' in the min value in a minmax().  So it should be clear that
the computed value is 'auto' in that case.
(linking "track sizing function" from [4] to [1] would help too)



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