Re: Dear W3C expert, excuse me.

On 7 May 2016 at 09:46, 海波 <> wrote:

> Hello, there is a question that has been bothering me, for a long time to
> take the liberty to ask you about. Why not add one click property in the
> latest CSS standard?
> Even if it is similar to (A: hover) such that the pseudo class, since most
> of the front is in with (<label for="id1"></label><input type="radio"
> id="id1">)extremely clumsy way to click event simulation, I want to respect
> your CSS panel would also considered this question, is because of what not
> to release a similar attributes? Bother you all.

It is unclear to me what you are asking for. Could you please clarify what
you want to achieve and propose an example syntax for how you would solve
your issue?


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