Re: [round-display] [motion-path] Orientation of elements due to merging polar positioning and motion path

On 05/17/2016 08:11 PM, Shane Stephens wrote:
>> Wait, really? That seems very confusing to me. I would have
>> thought that the motion-* and rotate-* were all independent
>> and 'translate' operated on top of that result.
> You need to specify an order that everything gets assembled into a transformation matrix.
> Currently we have:
> apply motion (= motion translation, motion rotation)
> apply translate
> apply rotate
> apply scale
> apply transform
> The translate, rotate, scale ordering is important so that
> those three properties appear to operate independently of each
> other. We could move the motion rotation to be at the same
> place as rotate, but it seems weird to split the motion
> components like that.
>> You're saying that 'rotate' affects the coordinate system of 'translate'?
>No, motion rotation does.

This seems very counter-intuitive to me. I would not expect
the coordinate system of translate/rotate/scale/transform
to be affected by motion at all. The goal is for these all
to behave as if they were independent right? But with this
ordering they're not.

What if you did

apply translate
apply motion
apply rotate
apply scale
apply transform


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