Re: [css-grid] Update minmax() description now that fr is invalid as minimum

On 12/05/16 17:52, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> a recent change [1] in the spec makes flex sizes invalid
> on the min slot of minmax():
> "  <track-size> =
>      <track-breadth> |
>      minmax( <inflexible-breadth> , <track-breadth> )"
> However, the text defining minmax() hasn't been updated [2]:
> "As a maximum, a <flex> value sets the track’s flex factor.
>  As a minimum, it is treated as zero (or min-content,
>  if the grid container is sized under a min-content constraint)."
> I believe we should change this to state that as a minimum it makes the
> declaration invalid.

And not only that, also the text in the algorithm needs to be updated
too [3]:
"When the grid container is being sized under a min-content constraint,
 a track with a flexible min track sizing function is treated as if
 its min track sizing function was min-content for the purposes
 of this step."

But now a "track with a flexible min track sizing function" is invalid.


> [1]
> [2]

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