Re: Proposal for animation-pause property

On 2016/05/09 16:32, Michael Gro▀klaus wrote:
> Usually none, which would be the expected behavior to me for an
> iteration-delay if I don't apply a specific value (since 'none' is the
> default fill-mode value).
>> Am 09.05.2016 um 09:01 schrieb Brian Birtles <
>> <>>:
>> On 2016/05/09 15:54, Michael Gro▀klaus wrote:
>>>> I believe that when we looked at adding iteration delay in Web
>>>> Animations the main challenge was fill modes--do you apply the
>>>> backwards fill or the forwards fill, i.e. do you hold the final value
>>>> of the previous iteration, or the first value of the next? I suspect
>>>> you want to be able to do either which then suggests you need more
>>>> fill mode values so it becomes more complex. (Sequence effects at
>>>> least let you reuse the existing fill modes to get different behaviors.)
>>> Maybe I'm missing something, but why not just use the existing
>>> animation-fill-mode? Of course, you could implement a new fill-mode
>>> property and there might be a use case for it (which I don't see at the
>>> moment)... but in my opinion it would not be mandatory because you could
>>> just use the current animation-fill-mode (which would be much more
>>> useful imho anyway).
>> What value do you use to fill to use between iterations?

I'm pretty sure the people who investigated it last time[1] discovered 
that sometimes you want to use the final value of the previous iteration 
(pause at end), sometimes you want to use the first value of the next 
iteration (pause before start), sometimes you want nothing (like you 
said), and these don't necessarily correspond with what you want to 
happen before and after the animation begins/ends.



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