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IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 1 October at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 30 September)

=[xhr] Expose XMLHttpRequest priority Chad Austin (Tuesday, 30 September)

[Bug 26934] New: [Shadow]: How should Element.requestPointerLock() work in shadow DOM? (Monday, 29 September)

PSA: Michael van Ouwerkerk is a co-Editor of Push API Arthur Barstow (Monday, 29 September)

[admin] PSA = Public Service Annoucement Arthur Barstow (Monday, 29 September)

[Bug 26917] New: For any chunk, progress event should be fired at least in 50ms since the arrival of the chunk (Monday, 29 September)

[Bug 23211] Add iterator support to FormData (Monday, 29 September)

[Bug 26904] New: Introduce typedef for IDBKeyPath, use it (Thursday, 25 September)

[Bug 26899] New: [Shadow]: ShadowRoot.getElementById overrides DocumentFragment's getElementById (Wednesday, 24 September)

[Bug 26898] New: [imports]: <link rel=import> shouldn't be active when added by innerHTML (Wednesday, 24 September)

[Webpush] IETF proposes new "Web-Based Push Notifications" Working Group Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 24 September)

Looking for a home for a proposed Credential Management API. Mike West (Wednesday, 24 September)

[Bug 26892] New: [Shadow]: Consider not using AT_TARGET more than once in the event path (Tuesday, 23 September)

[Bug 24870] [Shadow]: HTMLTitleElement shouldn't work in shadow trees (Tuesday, 23 September)

[Editing] Tracking Issues in GitHub Ben Peters (Tuesday, 23 September)

CfC: publish FPWD of Selection API; deadline Sept 30 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 23 September)

CfC: Publishing Uniform Messaging Policy (UMP) as a WG Note; deadline Sept 27 Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 20 September)

[selection-api] Moving toward First Public Working Draft Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 20 September)

[Bug 26852] New: [Custom]: Specify preference of localName and typeExtension in createElement (Friday, 19 September)

[Bug 26850] New: [Shadow]: Style element should specify when to create and add style sheet in shadow DOM (Thursday, 18 September)

[Bug 26846] New: it is unclear how elements in older shadow trees should work in case the newer shadow tree lacks <shadow> (Thursday, 18 September)

[Bug 26845] New: "All other HTML elements in the shadow trees must behave as if they were part of the document tree." does not deal with the case when the host is not in the document tree (Thursday, 18 September)

[editing] Suggested selection.extend can not select based on how the text currently displayed (Wednesday, 17 September)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 17 September at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Wednesday, 17 September)

innerText spec Ryosuke Niwa (Wednesday, 17 September)

[Bug 24083] Window.getSelection() and HTMLDocument.getSelection() should return a nullable (Wednesday, 17 September)

[Bug 13952] Specify selection change events (Wednesday, 17 September)

[Bug 26815] New: [Shadow]: (Tuesday, 16 September)

[Bug 15470] Changing the selection creates a Range object (Tuesday, 16 September)

[Bug 26005] Selection.extend behavior when there is no range needs to be clarified (Tuesday, 16 September)

[Bug 25831] Specify selection.setBaseAndExtent (Tuesday, 16 September)

[Bug 24084] Specify Selection.containsNode (Monday, 15 September)

[Bug 26813] New: Removing parent of element that's full screen (Monday, 15 September)

PSA: publishing new WD of Clipboard API and events on Sept 18 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 15 September)

[Bug 26790] New: document.execCommand('cut'/'copy'/'paste') should trigger corresponding events (Saturday, 13 September)

CfC: publish LCWD of Screen Orientation API; deadline September 18 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 11 September)

[Bug 25310] Move the HTML specification monkey patching to the HTML specification (Thursday, 11 September)

[Bug 26774] New: Specification does not distinguish between `IDBObjectStore` `add` and `put` (Wednesday, 10 September)

PSA: publishing new WD of URL spec Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 10 September)

[TPAC2014] Reminder: f2f meeting registration deadline is October 8 Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 10 September)

Web Components: two questions Ondřej Žára (Wednesday, 10 September)

Request to join the mailing list <eom> Tanay Chowdhury (Friday, 5 September)

[Bug 26736] New: Does the final progress event need to be dispatched after readystatechange? (Friday, 5 September)

XMLHttpRequest. Support for "OPTIONS *" method. Валерий Котов (Thursday, 4 September)

Proposal to add a method to Blob to compare them byte-by-byte Douglas Sherk (Thursday, 4 September)

Re: PFWG request for abstract and introductions Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 4 September)

[admin] Towards making ED boilerplates more useful and consistency Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 4 September)

[admin] Revised Proposed changes regarding references to editors' drafts Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 4 September)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 3 September at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 2 September)

Concerning the Working Draft on Service Workers Brent Shambaugh (Tuesday, 2 September)

Proposal for a Permissions API Mounir Lamouri (Tuesday, 2 September)

[Bug 26713] New: DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut in ShadowDOM spec should be renamed to focusin/focusout (Tuesday, 2 September)

[Bug 26033] Make distribution algorithm forward compatible with <shadow> as function call. (Tuesday, 2 September)

[xhr] Robert Hanson (Tuesday, 2 September)

[Bug 26700] New: api problems, (Monday, 1 September)

RE: IE - Security error with new Worker(URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([workerjs],{type:'text/javascript'}))) Travis Leithead (Friday, 29 August)

[Bug 25313] Improve and add examples (Friday, 29 August)

RfC: LCWD of Battery Status API; deadline October 2 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 28 August)

[Custom] Custom elements and ARIA Domenic Denicola (Wednesday, 27 August)

First Draft of W3C version of URL Spec Daniel Appelquist (Wednesday, 27 August)

[Bug 26682] New: [imports]: The relationship between import and browsing context should be stated more clearly (Wednesday, 27 August)

[Bug 26681] New: [imports]: Script execution order should be stated more clearly (Wednesday, 27 August)

[Bug 26677] New: Clarify when :fullscreen applies (Tuesday, 26 August)

[Bug 26676] New: Non-fullscreen documents can end up with non-empty fullscreen element stacks (Tuesday, 26 August)

[Bug 26673] New: Append topDoc to exitDocs? (Tuesday, 26 August)

[Bug 26672] New: Slightly confused definition of descendantDocs (Tuesday, 26 August)

[Bug 26671] New: Always-true "If error is false" in requestFullscreen() (Tuesday, 26 August)

[Bug 26656] New: Figure out how form owner should work in shadow dom (Monday, 25 August)

[Bug 20480] Say something about keys (Monday, 25 August)

[Bug 26643] New: Figure out how "If a reflecting IDL attribute has the type HTMLElement, or an interface that descends from HTMLElement" should work in the context of shadow dom. (Friday, 22 August)

[Bug 26642] New: [Shadow] Remove deepContains (Friday, 22 August)

[Bug 26638] New: [Custom]: sorted element queue definition is not in sync with Imports (Friday, 22 August)

[Bug 26626] New: Populate the full list of event targets before firing any events (Thursday, 21 August)

[Bug 26615] New: Is topLevelViewport needed? (Wednesday, 20 August)

Encapsulating CSS in Shadow DOM Henrik Haugberg (Wednesday, 20 August)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 20 August at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 19 August)

[imports] Spec. polishing Gabor Krizsanits (Tuesday, 19 August)

Re: [clipboard] Add RTF to the "mandatory data types" list? James M. Greene (Tuesday, 19 August)

[Bug 26602] New: Cross-process damage control in requestFullscreen() and exitFullscreen()? (Monday, 18 August)

[Bug 26601] New: Populate fullscreenElements later in requestFullscreen() (Monday, 18 August)

[streams-api] Seeking status of the Streams API spec Arthur Barstow (Monday, 18 August)

[Bug 26598] New: The parentDocs set should stop at documents with > 1 element on the fullscreen element stack (Monday, 18 August)

[Bug 26595] New: [Shadow]: A shadow host will receives an event, which must be *stopped*, if a node in a older shadow tree is distributed into a shadow insertion point in the younger tree (Monday, 18 August)

[Bug 26587] New: Element removal order is undefined in "fully exit fullscreen" (Thursday, 14 August)

[Bug 26583] New: [Custom]: Add the possibility to extend the custom element (Thursday, 14 August)

[Bug 26580] New: Not enough "element" in "for an element" (Thursday, 14 August)

[Streams API] Add load-using-streams functionality to XHR or only to Fetch API? Takeshi Yoshino (Thursday, 14 August)

[Bug 26576] New: [Custom]: Add informative text about importNode (Thursday, 14 August)

Fwd: Web Applications Working Group Revised Charter Approved; join the Web Applications Working Group (Call for Participation) Coralie Mercier (Wednesday, 13 August)

[Bug 26568] New: Nothing stopping mis-nested fullscreen in iframes? (Wednesday, 13 August)

[Bug 26567] New: Infinite loop in "fully exit fullscreen" (Wednesday, 13 August)

[Bug 26563] New: Typo in "element's node document fullscreen element stack" (Tuesday, 12 August)

XMLHttpRequest: uppercasing method names Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 12 August)

[Bug 25587] Be more clear that progress events are about bytes being transferred (Tuesday, 12 August)

[Bug 26552] New: [Shadow]: consider supporting :first-child, nth-child() in content select (Monday, 11 August)

Blocking message passing for Workers Alan deLespinasse (Friday, 8 August)

Proposal for User Agent Augmented Authorization Sam Penrose (Wednesday, 6 August)

My requirements for the "Manifest for Web Applications" Mark Taylor (Tuesday, 5 August)

Re: IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 6 August at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 5 August)

RE: [selection] Selection.setBaseAndExtent Ben Peters (Tuesday, 5 August)

Screen Orientation Feedback Jonas Sicking (Tuesday, 5 August)

Screen orientation API feedback Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 5 August)

User Intentions Explainer (was: List of Intentions) Ben Peters (Tuesday, 5 August)

[Bug 26516] New: Allow resize events etc to be synchronized with animation frames (Monday, 4 August)

RfC: pre-LC version of Screen Orientation; deadline August 18 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 4 August)

[Bug 26514] New: [Custom]: Custom elements spec lists the wrong lifecycle callbacks (Monday, 4 August)

[Bug 26502] New: Need to define UIEvent or link to where it's normatively defined (Friday, 1 August)

Write-only form fields (was Re: Proposal for a credential management API.) Mike West (Friday, 1 August)

[Bug 26493] New: Null dereference in exitFullscreen() (Friday, 1 August)

[Bug 24523] Spec should mention how fullscreen works on fragmented elements (Friday, 1 August)

[Bug 26492] New: IndexedDB: add/put/update operations should define ordering of clone vs. keypath evaluation (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26484] New: Order of fullscreenchange events has reversed in requestFullscreen() (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26483] New: fullscreenElements should be an ordered list (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26482] New: "A fullscreen element ready check for an element..." (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26480] New: Author style max-width/height can interfere with style (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26479] New: Platform does not support fullscreen, could fullscreenEnabled be false? (Thursday, 31 July)

[Bug 26478] New: Use DOMRect instead of ClientRect (Thursday, 31 July)

Proposal for a credential management API. Mike West (Thursday, 31 July)

=[xhr] (Tuesday, 29 July)

Bluetooth API Community Group, call for support Vincent Scheib (Wednesday, 30 July)

[Bug 23204] Add option for orientation (Tuesday, 29 July)

[Bug 26445] New: XMLHttpRequestEventTarget should have Exposed=(Window,Worker) (Monday, 28 July)

file writer discontinued? Harald Jordan (Saturday, 26 July)

[Bug 26440] New: Allow fullscreenchange events to be synchronized with animation frames (Monday, 28 July)

=[xhr] Paul bellamy (Wednesday, 23 July)

[Screen Orientation] Best Practice wording comment Bruno Racineux (Friday, 25 July)

[clipboard] Semi-Trusted Events Alternative Ben Peters (Tuesday, 22 July)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 23 July at 21:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 22 July)

[Bug 21652] Should structured clone support FormData? (Monday, 21 July)

[Bug 26394] New: [imports]: the |import| attribute returns null if the UA does not support imports? (Sunday, 20 July)

[Bug 26379] New: exitFullscreen() should pop from the stack, resize and fire fullscreenchange events together (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 26368] New: Typo: Queue a task to run these "subsubsteps" (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 26366] New: It's possible to go fullscreen with an element not in the document (Thursday, 17 July)

[clipboard] Importing test suite into web-platform-tests repository Hallvord R. M. Steen (Thursday, 17 July)

[Bug 26365] New: [Shadow]: Need an evquivalent definition of 'in a Document' for shadow trees (Thursday, 17 July)

IndieUI Pointers (My Action #1) Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 15 July)

[imports] credentials flag bits need to be updated to current fetch terminology Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 15 July)

=[xhr] Robert Hanson (Saturday, 12 July)

[Bug 26326] New: Why fully exit fullscreen when an element is removed? (Monday, 14 July)

{minutes} [editing] Conference Call July 11th 8am San Francisco Time Ben Peters (Friday, 11 July)

[Bug 24697] Use Promises for lockOrientation (Friday, 11 July)

[Bug 26006] Exiting fullscreen and changing orientation automagically (Friday, 11 July)

[push-api] Moving "PushManager push" onto ServiceWorkerRegistration Jake Archibald (Friday, 11 July)

Re: Editing with native UI Piotr Koszuliński (Thursday, 10 July)

[Bug 26302] New: Please add a FileList constructor (Thursday, 10 July)

[editing] Visualizing the benefits of user intention information Ben Peters (Wednesday, 9 July)

window.find deprecated? Ben Peters (Wednesday, 9 July)

PSA: Extensible Web Summit in Berlin September 11 Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 9 July)

Fwd: RFC723x (replace RFC2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1) Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 9 July)

[push-api] Demo of push messaging at Google I/O John Mellor (Tuesday, 8 July)

[service-workers] SW event syntax and Cache API Tobie Langel (Thursday, 3 July)

RE: [editing] Use Cases (was: Leading with ContentEditable=Minimal) Ben Peters (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: WebIDL Spec Status Ryosuke Niwa (Wednesday, 2 July)

File API: reading a Blob Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 2 July)

[editing] Conference Call July 11th 8am San Francisco Time Ben Peters (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: File API: Blob URL origin Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: [editing] Leading with ContentEditable=Minimal Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: Fallout of non-encapsulated shadow trees Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: [clipboard events] click-to-copy support could be hasFeature discoverable? Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: [HTML Imports] What is the imagined work flow? Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: Should / Can an EventHandler throw a stack overflow exception? Mark S. Miller (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: [editing] CommandQuery Object and Event Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 1 July)

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