Re: PSA: publishing new WD of URL spec

On September 10, 2014 at 12:43:02 PM, Arthur Barstow ( wrote:
> [ Sorry for the cross-posting but this is about a joint WD publication
> between WebApps and TAG. ]
> This is heads-up (aka PublicServiceAnnoucement) about the intent to
> publish a new WD of the URL spec (on or around Sept 16) using this ED as
> the basis:
> As previously agree, and codified in WebApps' current [Charter], the WD
> will be published jointly by WebApps and the TAG.
> I realize some people do not support W3C publishing the URL spec, so as
> reminder - as defined in WebApps' off-topic discussion policy
> ([OffTopic]) - if anyone has any _process-type_ comments, concerns,
> etc. about this publication - please send that feedback to the
> public-w3process list [w3process]. Please do _not_ send such feedback to
> public-webapps nor www-tag.

This is a formal objection to publication of this specification. 

The rationale for the objection was already sent to the wwwprocess list. 

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