Re: [selection-api] Moving toward First Public Working Draft

On Sep 20, 2014, at 5:52 AM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:

> Hi Ryosuke, Ben, Kenji, All,
> I'm looking for feedback about moving the Selection API [ED] to First Public Working Draft (FPWD) ...
> A `rule of thumb` I generally use when considering if a spec is ready for a FPWD is if the feature set is mostly complete although there is no expectation all features are fleshed out in detail (IOW, looking for breadth mostly complete but not depth). The breadth question is important because a FPWD is also used as an "attorney snapshot" vis--vis the [PP]. Regarding the spec's open [Issues], there is no expectation a FPWD be bug/issue free (in fact, it would be rare if that was the case).
> What are your thoughts about publishing a FPWD? Do you consider the latest ED to be feature complete; and if not, what major features are missing?

I think the latest documentation is pretty complete except its missing one major feature: selection.modify [1].

There was a discussion that took place in WHATWG [2] and there was a disagreement on the use case and the purpose of this particular API among UA implementors.

I can add that note to the specification for completeness before FPWD is published for the patent protection purposes.


- R. Niwa

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