Re: {Spam?} Re: [xhr] wrote:
>> Sorry. As with showModalDialog() we would really like to make this
>> >  feature disappear. I realize this makes some forms of code generation
>> >  harder, but hopefully you can find a way around that in time.
> Perhaps we should set some sense of expectation about*when*  it won't work. Different parts of the Web move on different timelines.


Also (I am a WHATWG cofounder) it is overreach to promise obsolescence 
on any timeline on the Web. Robert should not worry about real browser 
implementors breaking content by removing sync XHR -- to do so would be 
to lose market share.

In this light, WHATWG should avoid making indefinite-timescale, 
over-ambitious assertions. The W3C was rightly faulted when we founded 
the WHATWG for doing so.


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