CfC: publish FPWD of Selection API; deadline Sept 30

Ryosuke proposes WebApps publish a First Public Working Draft of 
Selection API and this is a Call for Consensus to do so, using the 
following Editor's Draft as the basis (draft FPWD is [1]):


This CfC satisfies the group's requirement to "record the group's 
decision to request advancement".

By publishing this FPWD, the group sends a signal to the community to 
begin reviewing the document. The FPWD reflects where the group is on 
this spec at the time of publication; it does _not_ necessarily mean 
there is consensus on the spec's contents.

If you have any comments or concerns about this CfC, please reply to 
this e-mail by September 30 at the latest. Positive response is 
preferred and encouraged, and silence will be considered as agreement 
with the proposal.

Ryosuke - the current title is "Selection API Specification". Is the 
"Specification" part necessary? If not, perhaps it can be deleted.

-Thanks, AB


Received on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 00:21:51 UTC