Re: File API: reading a Blob

Le 10/07/2014 19:05, Arun Ranganathan a écrit :
> We agreed some time ago to not have partial data.

I still think that's a big mistake. Even if the Streams API will solve 
this, this should be corrected in the File API.

Unless I am misusing the API, you can not even increment a Blob, you 
have to create a new one each time, this should be corrected too.

var myfile=new Blob();

//chunks are coming in
myfile=new Blob([myfile,chunk],...)

//mylink A tag

click on mylink --> does not work

Expected behavior: the file (a video for example) should play as it is 

This is inconsistent with the standard files behavior (see [1] for 
example), this example should work without having to use the Media 
Source Extensions API.




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