Re: First Draft of W3C version of URL Spec

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Daniel Appelquist <>

> Hello URL fans -
> As you might know, the new charter for webapps[1] includes a new version
> of the URL spec. I am acting as editor of this spec. With some help from
> Robin and PLH I've produced a first draft[2] which imports the latest work
> by Anne on the upstream WHATWG URL spec[3] with a few minimal editorial
> changes.   Also note that the document is licensed as CC-BY. The intention
> is to keep this version in sync with the WHATWG version of the URL spec.
> This means that ideally any changes should be fed back through the WHATWG
> bug tracker[4]. The intention is to follow the model laid down by the DOM
> spec.[5]
> It’s my further intention to ensure confusion is minimized by clearly
> sign-posting in the w3c version that the WHATWG version is the living spec.

Make sure this is informative text. I don't know if the term "living
spec[ification]" has any formal meaning in the W3C. [Correct me if I missed
the memo that defines it.]

> This version updates and supersedes the previous W3C version published in
> May 2012[6] and later updated in November 2012[7].
> The goal is to move ahead fairly aggressively with the publication
> time-line for this spec.
> Please feed back any comments here.
> Thanks,
> Dan Appelquist
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> 4.
> 5.
> 6.
> 7.

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