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"Includes" in HTML...

(lack of) Responsiveness to Administrative Requests

(no subject)

.CGI Scripts


2nd - 3rd of march on holliday

302 Found?



3rd Int'l WWW Conference - best papers?

403 vs. 400 response from server?

[john@math.nwu.edu: Re: Client-side highlighting; tag proposal]

A Home for a Home Page


agents [was: Client-Side Scripts & Web Scripting languages

agents [was: Client-Side Scripts & Web Scripting languages ... very long!]

ALT = url ?

ANNOUNCE: NCSA X Mosaic 2.6b1 Released

ANNOUNCEMENT of Library of Common Code 3.0

ANNOUNCEMENT of Line Mode Browser 3.0

Announcing: The HTML CyberClass

Another approach to agent architecture [ was Re: agents .. ]

Any good HTML editors out there?

Apache Server Announcement (was Re: distinguishing browser types)

AusWeb95 News - Papers available & AusWeb95 Virtual Edition


benchmark program for HTTP server's

Best format for Macintosh Files

Books or online materails for WWW admin

Browser capability survey, anyone?

browser enhancement suggestion

Bug in CERN Library of common code ?

CD-ROM - WWW pages

CERN httpd binaries for Sun4 does not use DNS?

CGI 1.1 spec


CGI script in Perl for Windows NT WWW server

CGI spec revisited

Choosing a Database

Client-side highlighting

Client-side highlighting; tag proposal

Client-side scripts

Client-side SELECTION; virtual anchors, colaborative hypermedia

Client-side sripts

Commenting from file

Common Log format

Common Log format II

common log format...unresolved hosts?

Compuserve's Web browser

Compuserve's Web browser (SPRY - Are you listening?)

Conference at Braga

CONFERENCE: Portuguese 1st WWW Conference

connection fight

Connolly has moved from hal.com to w3.org

Consideration in naming products (was: Re: Apache Server Announcement)

Copyright and Published Papers

Copyrights on WWW protocols?

Distinguishing between submit buttons

Distinguishing between submit buttons (SMTP Id#: 31343) -Reply

distinguishing browser types


DOS Graphical Browser

Dynamic HTML documents with client pull


event list for Mosaic 2.4

Executing a batch file

Expired Netscape

Famous last words about agents

Federal Office Systems Expo (FOSE)

File uploads

files in PDF format

fileup capability

Forms, mailto-URLs, and The Right Thing



Gadding about

Good News

Greek/symbol characters

Hallo... is there anybody there?

Helper Application in Netscape / HP-UX

Host hiding in URL

Hot Java is here! And it *rocks*

How to Make Cooperative Design on the Internet?


HTML parser in Yacc form???

HTML3 browser for VMS

HTTP and statefull services (was: Shopping baskets)

http performace....

HTTP-NG checkpoint 2

HTTP/1.0 302 Simon Moved




hypermail archives are now searchable

I am not at my desk...

I can't limit my layput to non-Netscape users (was: why Mosaic)

I'm at a conference (automated response)

I'm new Talk to me

Icon library?

In the picture

Includes nuke some headers? (NCSA)

info on robots

Information Superhighway books

Information Superhighway books - Report Back

input type=file

Interactive Web [Was Re: two-way communication in html]

ITU T.171

Join and leaving lists

join www talk

Keeping track of updates [Was: browser enhancement suggestion]

LANG and CLASS attributes

Level 3 attributes

libWWW 3.0 and events

limit access to files on WWW server


linkchecker for next?

List of tags?


Loading .gz files thru netscape

Looking for Disabilities Web Site Host

mail list

Mailing list

MetaMAP patents (was Re: Hot Java is here! And it *rocks*)

Metrostar Computer Center

Middleware Workshop(ACM SIGCOMM)

Midi MIME Type

Mobile agents: are they a good idea?

Mosaic for Microsoft Windows v2.0.0Beta4

Mosaic-2.6a1 (for X) NoProxy Patch

MS-Windows HTML Browser Class?

Msdos/windows based www server

Multi-language Web pages

Multiple Domains per server

Multiple language efforts?

Multiple submit buttons

NCSA httpd 1.3p

NCSA httpd server documentation host gone?

NCSA Mosaic for Windows Release

Need clarification on HTML versions

Need help with Home Page on Macintosh

Netscape 1.1 and Accept: headers

Netscape 1.1 and parsing SGML constructs

Netscape Navigator 1.1 beta 1 available from MCOM

New IETF Draft 00 of HTTP/1.0

New Pages

New WWW software: Futplex system 4.0

News Server

Notification: message ignored

Pam Is Not In Houston Today


Phrack!! - Hacker publications

Pointer to DynaWeb

Pointer to Java documents

Postmaster says

Printing Url name

Private Eye's view of the Internet

Pros and Cons of various OSs for

Pros and Cons of various OSs for Web

Pros and Cons of various OSs for Web Servers

PSGML mode



Reading HTML offline

Realtime audio on the Web

Ref to CGI variables

Release of ViolaWWW 3.3

Reviews of HTTP Servers

Rodney Dangerfield

Running Netscape ...

Running Netscape on top of Spry tcp/ip stack

Running Netscape...

Safe CGI Scripting Language (was: Re: Web Scripting Languages)

Safe TCL

search for a simple HTML viewer for MS Windows

Secured WWW server? Comparison?

Server Analysis

server questions

Session tracking

Shopping baskets (was: Session tracking)

Site specific indexing...

Small help wanted

Sound On The Web...


sounds on the web, part II

spaces in path of form action

SPEC World Wide Web Server Benchmark

Status of Arena on VMS

Submit button in forms revisited

Submit buttons

technical information

Telescript information (was: Web Scripting Languages)

That ol' machine/server version question again.

this is a recording...

too many home pages

Towards interactive Web standards...

trusted sources

two-way communication in html

two-ways html

typical proxy size?


uplaoding/ downloading sound

Uploading files

URI security

URL syntax to return byte ranges from files

URLs in saved documents

Util for convert hrefs /PC/NT

Vacation auto-reply

vacation messages...

Web philosophy and history

Web Scripting Languages

Web Scripting Languages (was: Re: two-way communication in html)

Webmasters' Resources

What all does html support?

Why Mosaic

Why Mosaic (SMTP Id#: 50843) -Reply

Windows NT servers and CGI scripts

WIT is back on line

WN listserv

Word 6 -> RTF -> HTML.

Writing CGI Scripts in Rexx


WWW Conference (Internet Multimedia Information) - Call for Papers

WWW Fall '94 Tapes (fwd)

www front page

WWW server list

WWW server performance question.


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