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AusWeb95 News - Papers available & AusWeb95 Virtual Edition

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AusWeb95 Papers
There are just two weeks to go until AusWeb95, the First Australian World
Wide Web conference, which runs from 30 April to 2 May (but which has long
since been sold out). All the papers to be presented at the conference are
now available on the Southern Cross University server at:


Full details of the papers are shown below.

AusWeb95 Virtual Edition
For those who are unable to attend AusWeb95 senior students in the Centre
for Media Communications at the University are presenting the AusWeb95
"Virtual Edition" which will be an electronic "newspaper" for the

The Virtual Edition now has its own email address


and home page


There will be news, graphics, video and sound bites on the conference
available at the Virtual Edition home page throughout the conference. So
visit often!

The Virtual Edition team are keen to hear from you, however, *before* the
conference. What questions would you like them to put to the various
conference participants? What would you like to see reported at the

Keynote Speakers
The Keynote Speakers at AusWeb95 are Tony O'Reilly from O'Reilly and
Associates who will be talking on "Publishing Models for Internet Commerce"
and  Peter Elford, CISCO PTY Ltd on "Connecting to the Internet".

There will be a formal announcement of AusWeb96 at AusWeb95 with postings
to various lists and news groups and on to the Web shortly thereafter. But
in the meantime please put 7-9 July 1996 at Conrads Jupiter on the Gold
Coast, Queensland in your diary.

Roger Debreceny
on behalf of Allan Ellis and Julie Burton


                  AusWeb95 Final Papers


All these papers are now available for inspection at:


Track  1. Education (with a Science flavour)
       1. Developing a self-access and self-paced learning aid for teaching
       2. New Directions in courseware delivery - Multimedia, CDROM and the
       3. The WWW - Opportunities for an Integrated Approach to Teaching
          and Research in Science
       4. Care and feeding of an Anaesthetic URL
       5. The Development of interactive WWW courseware for students of
          Engineering and Technology at Deakin University.

Track  2. Libraries
       1. An Academic Library Provides Access to Local Research Data
       2. VICNET and the Web in the Wider Victorian Community
       3. Collaborating over the Web: Libraries and Laboratories
       4. The Electronic Library Project at Southern Cross University
       5. LIRN (Library Information Referral and enquiry Network)

Track  3. Education (with a flavour of application to learning)
       1. Web in action: Applications and Hesitations
       2. Issues for Teacher Education
       3. Tourism and the Law: A Web Challenge
       4. Teaching and Learning on the World-Wide-Web
       5. Designing a Virtual Atlas on the World Wide Web

Track  4. Hypertext theory, interfaces, presentation standards
       1. Cognitive models for structuring hypermedia and implications for
          learning from the world-wide web
       2. Building Usable Web Pages: An HCI Perspective
       3. Beyond Hypertext: Using the WWW for interactive applications

Track  5. Education
       1. The Development of a Multiple-Choice and True-False Testing
          Environment on the Web
       2. Australia Street Archive on the World Wide Web
       3. Internet training in an academic environment : Influences of the
       4. Experiences with Internet client software in a university IT

Track  6. Tutorial Interfacing the Web with External Applications

Track  7. Education
       1. Critical Success Factors in diffusing a Campus Wide Information
       2. Use of a Web browser for developing investigative skills
       3. Taking the Web West
       4. The World Wide Web As An Academic Forum: A Case Study of the
          Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Pages

Track  8. Web Tools
       1. HTML Page Development - A Case Study
       2. The WWW.AU Index of Australian Web Sites
       3. Managing login account creation with the World Wide Web.
       4. OraForm : Generically FORMing a multitable query for the Oracle

Track  9. Management Tools
       1. Managing Large Hypermedia Information Bases:a case study
          involving the Australian Parliament
       2. Government Publishing on the Web
       3. The Clustered Web Server (A Management Approach to Server Design)
       4. Increasing Web bandwidth through Image Compression
       5. Integrating WWW and Middleware

Track 10. The Web Future & Commerce on the Web
       1. Yes Minister, It's on that Web thing: Government information
          providing, the nightmare and potential
       2. Copyright and the World Wide Web
       3. Application of the Web to University IT Acquisition
       4. Training Business Users on the Net
       5. The Impact of Live Audio Visuals on the WEB and Business

Track 11. Publishing on the Web
       1. Distributed Higher Education: Strategic Alliances In Hypermedia
       2. Integrating Electronic Publishing and Information Provision at
       3. Refereeing in the InfoTrain Electronic Journal
       4. Electronic Scholarly Publishing and the World Wide Web
       5. From Alphabet Soup to Gourmet Feast - Publishing on the Web

Track 12. Indexing, caching, robots, spiders
       1. Systems for providing searchable access to collections of HTML
       2. A Central Caching Proxy Server for WWW users at the University of
       3. The Layout Independent Index Service

Track 13. Collaborative use of the Web, sociology of the web
       1. The meaning of the Web
       2. All dressed up for the party but ...
       3. WWW, Researchers and Research Services.
       4. Gender and the Web

Track 14. Tutorial - Using the Web for Work Flow

Track 15. Connectivity and emerging services
       1. ISDN for Community Access to the World Wide Web
       2. Global Info-Links and the Smart City
       3. Does the WorldWideWeb make it worse for naive users?
       4. Campus Wide Information Systems: Moving From Prototype to

Track 16.  Integrating external applications
       1. Expanding Web functionality by incorporating external programs -
          a case study of a search system.
       2. A WWW Gateway for Interactive Relational Database Managament
       3. A Link Server For Integrating the Web with Third Party
       4. Extending the Common Client Interface with User Interface

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AusWeb95 papers now at http://www.scu.edu.au/ausweb95/papers
Read the AW95 "Virtual Edition" http://www.scu.edu.au/ausweb95/virtual_edition
AusWeb96 on 7-9 July at Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
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