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Information Superhighway books

From: Pieter van der Walt - INFONAUT <PVDW@info.rau.ac.za>
Date: Thu Mar 30 10:42:31 1995
Message-Id: <MAILQUEUE-101.950330072050.480@info.rau.ac.za>
To: www-talk@www10.w3.org
I am looking for any titles of books on the ethical/impact/productive 
use/etc. of the Information Superhighway or Internet. Most books 
describe a hands on use of the Internet with very few on the above 
mentioned subjects. So far I could only find the book "Straight talk 
about the Information Superhighway" by Reid Goldsborough (1994, Alpha 
Books). Is there anyone out there that knows of relevant/related 

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