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CD-ROM - WWW pages

From: Jose Pina Miranda <pinj@di.uminho.pt>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 02:12:49 +0100
Message-Id: <9503240112.AA26627@shiva.di.uminho.pt>
To: www-talk@w3.org, www-managers@list.stanford.edu
Cc: pinj@uminho.pt

 In the WWW National Conference (URL http://www.di.uminho.pt/cnw3.html )
we want to offer a CD-ROM to all the participants.
The CD-ROM will have, among other useful informations, some WWW pages from
all around the World to show people, without Internet connection, how the Web 
looks like. 

1- I read 2 or 3 months ago about a tool that let you get an hierarchy of
	URL's. Someone knows where I can get it ?

2- Somebody tried before to make a CD-ROM with WWW pages ? 
    We have a problem with the pages that have complete URL path. Let me 
    explain it better :
        Suppose you're looking to a page, stored in the CD-ROM.
	You follow a link whose URL is http://xxx.org/zzz/aaa.html . You know 
	that the page with the URL choosen is stored in the CD-ROM. But how
	does Mosaic (or Netscape, ...) knows that ? It doesn't !! It only 
	tries to follow the link ...

	Any hints about possible solutions ? (Note that we want to access
	the pages in the CD-ROM from different environments - Windows, Linux,
	Unix, Windows NT and MacIntosh). We have thought in two possible 
	    a) change Mosaic code, in such a way that Mosaic knows where
		each URL is in the CD-ROM (it could be done with a MD5
		hash algorithm)
	     b) pre-processing of all WWW pages that we put in the CD-ROM,
		in such a way that all the links have a "file" URL
			(URL file:... )

     Other possible solutions ?

Thank you in advance for all your help,

	Jose Miranda

Jose E. Pina Miranda        | EMail: pinj@di.uminho.pt
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