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Re: browser enhancement suggestion

From: Paul Burchard <burchard@horizon.math.utah.edu>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 17:52:49 -0700
Message-Id: <9503250052.AA04794@horizon.math.utah.edu>
To: brian@wired.com
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Brian Behlendorf <brian@wired.com> writes:
> This is what most developers would  probably call "cake
> frosting", but I think it could actually represent a  very
> powerful method of information discovery.  This
> proposal also  doesn't ask for any changes in any
> protocols.
> It occurred to me that a more general solution to all this
> would be if browsers implemented a cron-style
> auto-fetch functionality - where I could say "fetch this
> URL every day at 3pm and let me know if it changes".  The
> browser would present the fetched pages in a menu the same
> way a mail reader presents mail messages.

Very cool, very important suggestion.

Still, just like hardcoded "hotlists" eventually turned into HTML,  
this functionality doesn't really belong in the browser in the long  
run -- it should be done with client-side scripting.  (Such "agents"  
could be implemented in Java, presumably?)

We need to de-cripple our "universal clients" by giving them  
procedural capabilities...

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