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spaces in path of form action

From: Bryan Cheung <cheung@eplrx7.es.dupont.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 95 15:46:34 EST
Message-Id: <v01510102ab8cbc48a270@[]>
To: www-talk@www0.cern.ch
Should it be legal to have spaces in the path of a form's action line??


<form method="POST" action="/bin/do-something/with/some spaces in path/">

I would like to use this sort of action line to invoke "do-something" as a
CGI-script with PATH_INFO set to "/with/some spaces in path". NCSA httpd
truncates the PATH_INFO at the first space. Is this the right thing to do?
If not, why not. If so, how hard is it to fix??

-- Bryan Cheung
Received on Wednesday, 15 March 1995 15:50:17 UTC

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