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Re: Copyright and Published Papers

From: Darren New <dnew@sgf.fv.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 14:18:20 +0100
To: Nick Arnett <narnett@verity.com>
Cc: Multiple recipients of list <www-talk@www10.w3.org>
Message-Id: <Pine.3.89.9504051431.A1596-0100000@sgf.fv.com>
> work, after all), the copyright remains.  On the Web, there's no implicit
> permission to make more copies beyond the one created by your browser.

Actually, if William puts a document up on William's web server, it's not 
the browser even making the copy, technically. The browser merely asks 
William's machine to make a copy and send it to the browser.

Now, of course, the person using the browser can store it on disk or 
redistribute it or whatever, but that's not what I mean.
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