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Date: Sat Apr 1 00:36:27 1995
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> Author:  rfelix@netcom.com at ~Internet_Mail
> Date:    3/31/95 2:57 PM
> > Just wait.  It's going to get much worse before it gets any better. 
> > The Internet has, until now, been the haunt mainly of academics, re- 
> > search groups, and bright young university students.
> > 
> > Notice how many of the nutty postings come from .com, .aol, etc. ad- 
> > dresses....
> > 
> > Richard Goerwitz
> > goer@midway.uchicago.edu
> > 

Well, the military and the universities does not pay anymore, so they 
need others who pay for (even junk mails). There are payer on 
compuserve.COM, aol.COM, mci.COM, and of course trace.COM.tw does pay 
for it too.

How much do YOU pay?????

And back to the subject, WHO has the time to write a VIRUS?? Do you 
think a business man will do? or a university professor, or ... ?

I guess we think now on the same group of people who possible have 
time to do that.

*I* have lost a lot of money with a virus. It sit in the Logon.exe of 
my network. It stopped 10 employees (developing engineers) for 3 
months working. Be sure, if I find someone who wrote/published a virus
I would do EVERYTHING (leagal) action to get him out of the society.

A virus is funny, but when families in the background lose their job 
than the funny time is over. Think about this also once.

> >>er...uh..excuse me????
> >>
> >>A huge percentage of the .com hierarchy are commercial hardware 
> >>and/or software development organizations in the world...While some 
> >>commercial service providers have .com addresses, there are 
> >>thousands or hundreds of thousands of engineers, scientists, system 
> >>administrators etc, etc who post from these accounts...I would hate 
> >>to see a couple of dingy posts make anyone think that those posting 
> >>from this type of account are less than credible, it just aint so...
> >>
> >>rf
> rf,
> I couldn't agree more. I know some very high-level people who use <gulp> Prodigy
> and the like for various reasons, such as the access # is a local call. Please 
> don't condemn us .com folks.
> Larry
> lalexander@acad.com
> wuapub@netcom.com
> lalex@ix.netcom.com
> lalex@aol.com
> jajk91a@prodigy.com

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