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Re: ANNOUNCE: NCSA X Mosaic 2.6b1 Released

From: Brian Behlendorf <brian@wired.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 23:44:56 -0800 (PST)
To: Dave Thompson <davet@ncsa.uiuc.edu>
Cc: www-talk@www10.w3.org
Message-Id: <Pine.BSD.3.91.950405232953.10277U-100000@get.wired.com>
On Thu, 6 Apr 1995, Dave Thompson wrote:
>  o HTTP header Accept now lists only */* instead of a long string of MIME
>    types. 

Since there are parts of HTML 3.0 in the browser now (tables), could you 
*please* add

Accept: text/html; level=3

as per the W3O directive?  Even better would be something like

Accept: text/html; level=3; q=1.0
Accept: text/html; q=0.5

That way those of us with content-negotiating servers (yes, www.hotwired.com
is now a content-negotiating server - compare http://www.hotwired.com/ in
arena and netscape, and look closely at the source.  Arena can't parse the
Content-type header with extra info quite right yet so the HTML 3 is tagged
as text/html for now instead of text/html;level=3 but as soon as arena is
fixed we'll change) can dish HTML 3 pages to HTML 3 clients and HTML 2 to
HTML 2 clients.  I know X Mosaic doesn't support all of HTML 3 yet, but the
only way we're going to have a smooth transition is if the above happens even
while HTML 3 is being developed. 

If I add a "please" would this help things?  :)  I'd rather not have the 
server negotiate based on User-Agent instead!


brian@hotwired.com  brian@hyperreal.com  http://www.hotwired.com/Staff/brian/
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