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Util for convert hrefs /PC/NT

From: Staffan Berger, ElektroPost <staffan@ep.se>
Date: 20 Apr 1995 05:50 +0100
Message-Id: <199504200706.JAA11046@nic.transpac.net>
To: www-talk@www10.w3.org

I'm copying all my pages to another server (with another name) in test   
purpose. All my links are absolute and I must change every occurrence of   
xxx.company.se to yyy.company.se in 200 files ...

Does someone know a MS-DOS/Windows/Windows NT utility which can replace a   
string in many files (a directory and all sub directories) with another   

Thanks in advance!

Staffan Berger
ElektroPost, Stockholm   
Received on Thursday, 20 April 1995 03:06:49 UTC

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