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ITS 2.0 sec1-2 editing current state Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 30 May)

[Action-422] New version Arle Lommel (Thursday, 30 May)

[Action-527] Propose spec change to address extensibility in general Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 30 May)

[Minutes and editing sec1-2] MLW-LT calls 2013-05-29 Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 30 May)

[ISSUE-55] input to ITS2.0 section 'XLIFF Mapping' Dave Lewis (Wednesday, 29 May)

[All] editing call 3 p.m. UTC Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 29 May)

[All] sections 1-2 and ITS 2.0 schedule Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 28 May)

W3C Publishing and the Open Web Platform workshop Paris sept 16-17 Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 28 May)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 29 May 2013, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 28 May)

Registration for ITS showcase in dublin Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 28 May)

[Action-422] Editorial pass from Arle Arle Lommel (Tuesday, 28 May) and other tools updated Jirka Kosek (Monday, 27 May)

NIF testing ready Felix Sasaki (Monday, 27 May)

[ACTION-377] Provide rewrite of section 1 and 2 - Overall structure for introduction and text for "Overview" Lieske, Christian (Monday, 27 May)

[All] FEISGILTT 2013 will start in 15 days Dr. David Filip (Monday, 27 May)

RE: [LT-Web] A new version of the Terminology Annotation Showcase is published Mārcis Pinnis (Monday, 27 May)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-126: Minor issue with quality types listing [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 26 May)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-125: NIF comments [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 26 May)

NIF documentation and review of the last draft regarding NIF Sebastian Hellmann (Sunday, 26 May)

[All] section 1-2 editing calls Felix Sasaki (Sunday, 26 May)

Translate html 5 defaults Philip (Thursday, 23 May)

Minor issue with quality types listing Arle Lommel (Thursday, 23 May)

[All] copy editing of ITS2 Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 23 May)

[ACTION-532] - Element within text update Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 22 May)

Slides from today Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 22 May)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-05-22 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 22 May)

Dublin layout Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 22 May)

ITS 2.0 Second Last Call draft published Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 21 May)

[Minutes] MLW-LT Call 2013-05-15 Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 21 May)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 21 May, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 21 May)

MLW-LT Call 22/5 Phil Ritchie (Tuesday, 21 May)

[Deliverables] Template for reports Mauricio del Olmo (Monday, 20 May)

ITS 2.0 Logo Phil Ritchie (Monday, 20 May)

[All] upcoming calls and ITS 2.0 implementations update Felix Sasaki (Monday, 20 May)

[All] 2nd last call publication Felix Sasaki (Monday, 20 May)

action-514 and action-517 (NIF related changes) Felix Sasaki (Sunday, 19 May)

MLW Rome report published Felix Sasaki (Saturday, 18 May)

Next last call publication & question on todays meeting Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 15 May)

[ACTION-527]: Propose spec change to address extensibility in general Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 15 May)

[all] dial in details for today Dr. David Filip (Wednesday, 15 May)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 15th May noon UTC Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 14 May)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 15 May noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 14 May)

[Minutes] MLW-LT f2f Felix Sasaki (Monday, 13 May)

Subscription to I18N ITS IG Felix Sasaki (Monday, 13 May)

Small issue with TAWS Yves Savourel (Sunday, 12 May)

[ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure. Dave Lewis (Saturday, 11 May)

its-xliff namespace Yves Savourel (Thursday, 9 May)

Standards in the Park Phil Ritchie (Thursday, 9 May)

Output-Example Cocomore Karl Fritsche (Wednesday, 8 May)

Question on "phrasing content" definition Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 8 May)

[ACTION-512][ACTION-513] Updates to test suite Dave Lewis (Wednesday, 8 May)

Mixed f2f/dissemination meetings for 2013 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 8 May)

moving the implementer dial in today one hour earlier? Dr. David Filip (Wednesday, 8 May)

Fwd: ITS ontology Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 8 May)

[All] new topics for today Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 8 May)

RE: ITS 2.0 support in DocBook - INFORRMATION DISSEMINATION Serge Gladkoff (Tuesday, 7 May)

ITS 2.0 support in DocBook Jirka Kosek (Tuesday, 7 May)

Update to XLIFF mapping for terminology use case Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 7 May)

Bled meeting: Review of issue 90 to 105 Dave Lewis (Tuesday, 7 May)

[issue check] issue 58 - 73 Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 7 May)

Bled Issues review G4 results Mauricio Del Olmo (Tuesday, 7 May)

[issue check] issues 74 - 89 Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 7 May)

Re: agenda items (Re: [All] Bled f2f objectives list, WG call this week Tuesday 30 April, noon UTC) Jirka Kosek (Saturday, 4 May)

[LT-Web] HTML5 defaults and XLIFF mapping Mārcis Pinnis (Friday, 3 May)

ITS Presentations on West Coast Phil Ritchie (Thursday, 2 May)

[All] mostly minor issues on its2 draft and a question Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 2 May)

Localization Quality Rating and global rules Yves Savourel (Thursday, 2 May)

External Resources HTML 2 Philip (Thursday, 2 May)

Standoff Markup HTML - Difference Testoutput and Standard Karl Fritsche (Thursday, 2 May)

Testoutput - Provenance - Inheritance Karl Fritsche (Thursday, 2 May)

ISSUE-97 html translate, and global rules and inheritance Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 2 May)

action-497 edits related to HTML defaults (actually only "elements within text" and "language information") Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 1 May)

Tikal Philip (Wednesday, 1 May)

FEISGILTT 2013 sponsorship Dr. David Filip (Wednesday, 1 May)

[All] Bled f2f agenda draft, please review Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 1 May)

ExternalResource HTML 2 Video Tag Philip (Wednesday, 1 May)

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