Re: Next last call publication & question on todays meeting

On 16.5.2013 10:49, Dr. David Filip wrote:

>> Spec is just being aligned with common usage. As people introduced their
>> own rule elements and no one was surprised about this it was just spec
>> which wasn't properly document this shared view of possible extensions.
> I do not say it is unnatural,  it explicitly introduces a full blown
> extensibility mechanism. It is normative because the schema would
> invalidate before stuff with such extensions.

Please note that as ITS is usually used only in host languages not
purely itself, schemas are merely just building blocks. For example
current schema its20.nvdl allows extension elements to appear inside
its:rules -- schema just accepts any non-ITS element anywhere.

> I believe it has potential to become controversial if left for the second
> last call. I believe that it should be properly resolved before the second
> last call is made.

I will push schema chage within minutes, Yves proposed simple sentence
describing extensions processing. Do you think that we need something
more for proper resolution?


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