Re: Output-Example Cocomore

Am 13.05.13 17:27, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 13.5.2013 10:55, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> Am 13.05.13 10:47, schrieb Karl Fritsche:
>>> Is it allowed to have its-extension inside a ITS-script tag?
>> The schema to be used for validating files with ITS "rules" elements
>> allows any elements / attributes in any namespace. So if you follow the
>> extension approach of Okapi
>> it will be fine.
> Schema doesn't allow unknown/foreign elements inside its:rule. Of course
> if we want to allow extensibility here we can allow foreign elements
> here. But so far there was no demand for it.

Thanks, Jirka, for the explanation - I had misread the schema. I think 
the "readiness" example means that there is a demand.

> If we will allow it, we should define at least basic processing
> expectations for such foreign content.

What do you have in mind as "processing expectations"? The nature of 
extensions is that everything can happen, no?



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