Next last call publication & question on todays meeting

Hi all,

I read in today's raw meeting minutes
"skipping topic: Consensus to publish Last Call"
Why is that? Because of the extension change which is not normative? If 
that's the case I propose to do the following:

- If there is no disagreement on action-527
by Friday EOB
and no other substantive issue comes up, I will prepare the publication, 
to be done Tuesday 21 May.

Wrt to the HTML reference for "elements within text": changing just the 
pointers to groups of elements in HTML5 (e.g. "phrasing content") and 
list elements explicitly (e.g. "script") won't warrant a last call 
delay. Of course, if the HTML references are resolved by Monday EOB next 
week (that would be needed for publication on Tuesday), that's even better.

If you disagree with this approach and esp. if you see other issues, 
please state that in this thread asap.



Received on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 18:36:16 UTC