NIF testing (Re: NIF documentation and review of the last draft regarding NIF)

Hi Sebastian, all, puttin Phil and Leroy into CC since they are 
interested in the NIF testing topic,

thank you for looking into the NIF section. This is now
Most of the issues look pretty clear. All: I will implement them in the 
spec on Tuesday if there are no further comments.

One question, though: are the properties
stable and does it express the same like "#char" in URIs? That is,
      nif:beginIndex "11"
      nif:endIndex "17"
is equal to #char=11,17

FYI, I added input and output files for testing the NIF conversion, see
At Leroy and Phil: since Phil asked for localization quality issue (and 
XML) as test files and there was no other request, the input files are 
all LQI. That also leads to blank nodes in the output, since LQI in 
itsrdf requires these. Sebastian, the order of "nif:convertedFrom" 
should be correct in the output
Let me know if s.t. is wrong.



Am 26.05.13 15:12, schrieb Sebastian Hellmann:
> Dear all,
> We have recently produced a PDF document which gives a pretty good 
> overview of NIF:
> Furthermore, I have read the ITS 2.0  draft very closely once more and 
> brushed up everything regarding NIF. There aren't any significant 
> changes. Let's say we are going for "extra credit" ;)
> Please find a list of issues here:
> I will have a look at the other sections soon.
> All the best,
> Sebastian
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