RE: [ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure.

I agree: what is the rational for forcing the use of standoff notation for spans with a single issue?


-    It may look a bit cramped to a human, but this is processed by machines.

-    Readers still have to implement both ways since it is just a recommendation.




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Hi Dave,

I may have missed your answer to

"It is recommended that only the the stand-off mode of annotation is used and that its:locQualityIssueType, its:locQualityIssueComment, locQualityIssueSeverity, its:locQualityIssueProfileRef and its:locQualityIssueEnabled are not used within trans-unit or alt-trans elements."

Asking here again since just yesterday I had students working with LQI annotations, and the inline approach was much easier in terms of creating, validating and analying the annotations.



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On 12/05/2013 14:06, Phil Ritchie wrote:

In relation to the question posed about LQR: Can you re-phrase the question. Are you asking if it is required at an inline level? 

Yes. Do you see LQR ever being used inline?



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