RE: [LT-Web] A new version of the Terminology Annotation Showcase is published

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the comments. we will try addressing them in the final version. :)

Best regards,
MÔrcis ;o)

From: Dave Lewis []
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2013 2:20 PM
Subject: Re: [LT-Web] A new version of the Terminology Annotation Showcase is published

Hi Marcis,
Looks good overall.

Comment on the API documentation:

Perhaps include a URL for where people can find the EurVoc codes. Will you need to reference a particular version in case future version of EurVoc and EuroTermBank get out of sync.

>From a quick glance EurVoc seems to have several levels, the lower levels being the terms themselves I presume. Perhaps you can add a few words explaining the relationship between the EurVoc domains and the EuroTermBank term base that you use (or perhaps just a link if this is available on the EuroTermBank web site).

Also, a small usability issue. On the upload dialogue, perhaps make the background to method tick boxes the same as that used on the returned document (orange and purple) - just to make that obvious at a glance.

One final thing, it would be helpful to have a few suggestions of perhaps EU documents that will throw up some good examples of matches to the term bank for when we showcase this.


On 27/05/2013 08:42, Felix Sasaki wrote:
Hi Marcis,

thank you for the reminder. There was no further comments on the API from Davd, Yves or others. I looked at the documentation which was good. As discussed offline I think we should convert at least the API part or even more to an HTML version, and put at least the API part under part of the usage scenarios document. We need to check where to do that with Christian who is editing that document.

All, I encourage you to look at the API asap if you intend to use it in your workflows.

Am 27.05.13 09:26, schrieb MÔrcis Pinnis:
Hi Felix,

We have reached the final week of May (and the final week to make some tweaks on our implementation).
I have updated the TestSuite dashboard and it shows that we are conformant with the 55 test cases that we should address.

When we published the current version (on May 17), we kindly asked for feedback also on the API (and I believe Dave and Yves expressed the wish to take a look at the API). Has anyone had the chance to take a look at the API? As at the end of this week our part of the project officially ends, we would like to know if there are any issues left regarding the conformance to data standards that we should still try to address?

>From my side there aren't any issues left.

If not, we plan to finalise the development and prepare the final versions of the code, documentation, presentation.

Sounds good to me, thanks a lot.



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